Surprise Rumble Participants : WWE Top 10


The event most unpredictable of ‘ year is the Royal Rumble . WWE Top 10 counts down the biggest surprises of the event !


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  1. droopy562 says:

    The fact Cena came in at number 1 pretty much throws this entire list in the trash. it looked good up until this.

  2. Kryu Gr says:

    my Favoriten two is Jeff Hardy and Roman reings

  3. Over Lord says:

    Chris Jericho or Edge should be number 1 IMO

  4. Every single one but #2 has a guy down in the corner hurt

  5. Every single one but #2 has a guy down in the corner hurt


  6. 3:34 The WWE just gives the Cena Hating Virgins a good reason don't they? Jesus Christ.

  7. Nick Nelson says:

    I watched WWE from when it wasn't the "PG era" til around 2007 (near the end of the Ruthless Aggression era) and tbh John Cena is cool but I liked him way more when he was all about Thugonomics. Rey Mysterio is by far my favorite, closely behind is Eddie Guerrero. Viva La Raza baby

  8. Nadia Hassan says:

    mine is Chris Jericho

  9. CORAL REILLY says:

    Yay the comments ???

  10. DalleDayul says:

    "Can you dig it, sucka?!"

    Instant mark-out

  11. banditmc12 says:

    Michael Cole !!!'

  12. Kent Freeman says:

    missed some of my favorites but that's to be exspeacted

  13. if edge came back at a royal rumble as a surprise it would be epic

  14. my all time favorite wrestler is the human highlight reel, Mr Monday night, ROB VAN DAM

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