Symbols of an Alien Sky (Full Documentary)


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  1. This is great stuff, fascinating and awe inspiring….. and I cannot for the life of me get anyone to care. nobody will watch it. Not enough gratuitous sex and violence maybe…. It's disheartening…

  2. neil politan says:

    This video has changed my life. I first watched it two years ago and I have never looked back. There is simply no trouble explaining any question I can form with the Electric Universe model. It is the most profound work I have ever encountered in my life. I truly feel like a part of something greater than myself because of this information. Thank You.

  3. H. Herseim says:

    Started with the second video… thought I was in for some ancient alien bullshit… far from that. Let's see how this one goes. If there is one thing metaphysical here I will scream because they have done a great job so far. Too good to sully with spiritual BS.
    I fact checked the part about the Blackfeet god with my friend who is Blackfeet and the only thing he said that was different was Scarface was not a god (still exists as a story though) but a mythical hero and he didn't think he was associated with Mars but he now wants to see this video series.

  4. it is well understood that the sun is hollow , it is not atomic but rather electric // eric dollard

  5. 2222Piermont says:

    The Bible confirms this ancient truth about Saturn:
     "You carried along your king Sikkuth and Kayyun [your man-made gods of Saturn], your images of your star-god which you made for yourselves [but you brought me none of the appointed sacrifices]." Amos 5:26 AMP


  7. DALLAS Toya says:

    this was remarkably interesting…..
    very well put together. I felt like I was watching a film for a college class.

  8. Air Bag says:

    Wow, very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Correction: ment Saturn the name Venus got in my head from the video.

  10. finally something that makes…SENSE!!!!!

  11. sgtshiyo2 says:

    My core beliefs have been shattered. rip

  12. Larry G says:

    Unlikely! The "recorded experiences" of our ancestors are your interpretations of them. There is no physical reason that one or more planets should be in-line with Earth's spin axis.

  13. sooo how did the first human come to be? If the planets are in fact the elohim, again, how in the world did everything come into existence? Any type of feedback would be great.

  14. I don't understand why discovery and history channel doesn't jump on these videos and present them to the world.

  15. Great information, now i'm gonna check chapter 2, thanks for making this information reachable for all our minds.

  16. gerry chan says:

    This is similar to Immanuel Velicovskys ideas.

  17. chelle Bali says:

    Fantastic, makes so much sense.

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