Syria, lies exposed, broken paradigms, dead pigs


Jon Rappoport

Update: WAR=UNITY. The President just gave his speech on Syria. He intends to launch an air attack. He wants Congress to approve it. He didn’t say what he’ll do if Congress refuses, and he didn’t say how the attacks will limit Assad’s ability to use chemical weapons on his people in the future. He’s utterly convinced, he claims, that Assad deployed chemical weapons. He’s “seen the evidence.”

Syria, lies exposed, broken paradigms, dead pigs

Why should we believe him? There are ample reports that “the rebels” used those weapons. Those would be the rebels the US government is backing and arming.

Obama appears to trust he has the votes in Congress to approve his attack. He sees this as a feel-good moment when Congress and the White House are united. “Look, we can work together.”

He referred to Congress as “representatives of the American people.” So Obama is a comedian now. He’s suggesting that all of America will share in this act of war. Congress represents the American people the way a herd of lions is accountable to deer and antelope.

Here is the piece I’d already finished an hour before Obama made his speech. I don’t need to change anything, except perhaps to elevate the dosage of mescaline it would take to make Brian Williams finally “see the light.”

Brian Williams, the leading disinformation media specialist on American television, has accidentally ingested a drug before his broadcast.

Somehow, through a manufacturer’s error, mescaline was inserted in a headache pill. Brian just happened to take a pill in that bad batch.

His mind is scrambled.

He suddenly realizes he’s been on a lying jag for decades. What a revelation.

He sees a glint of daylight. He can go on television and tell the truth for once…and what better story to explore than the imminent US attack on Syria. Yes, he’ll do it. He’ll try for redemption.

He sits there on camera, his eyes shining. His mind is all over the place. But he bites his lip and begins:

“—Ladies and gentlemen…

I’m Brian Williams. Freedom is the wild card in any so-called system. How’s that for my opener?

That’s what I want to tell you, folks…the wild card. Yes…uh…

So listen up: Bureaucrats and other lackeys of the State are trained to work as if they are dealing with closed systems. They react to any deviation (freedom) as if it’s a black widow spider in a hotel bed.

Technocrats, the leading edge of the State, are trying to build a machine that incorporates all humans. They hail this as a future in which “the right answer” will always be obtained.

You have no right to be wrong. This is what we are coming to.

Get it?

You can see this in the run-up to the planned attack on Syria. Leaders are telling us, just as they did prior to the invasion in Iraq, that all the facts add up to the right answer. Once that answer is extracted, there is no turning back.

Syria. Chemical warfare was used. The Assad government used it. That’s the correct answer. Therefore, war. End of debate.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the picture looks a little different. I’m picturing that picture, ladies and gentlemen. The commander-in-chief is being briefed:

“Well, Mr. President, I want to recap where we are on Syria. I’m waiting for Prince Bandar to tell us. Ha-ha. Anyhow, we enabled the Syrian rebels or the terrorists, or al Qaeda, or the freedom fighters, or whatever we’re calling them today. We helped arm them. Now we’re about to bomb Syria to keep them in the game. These rebels are the same people we’re supposedly fighting in Afghanistan, right? I’m not against any of this, but I’m just saying it’s getting harder to sell it. And if our story line crumbles, we’re in deep trouble, Mr. President. People are more aware now. We’ve played both sides against the middle so many times before, the scenario is almost dead on arrival…”

Hi. Brian Williams still here. Let me make a leap, all you good folks out there in television land. The massive op/narrative called The New Age, which began its rapid spread in the 1960s, was designed to disguise our fascist government by moving consciousness to an appreciation for, and an insistence on, so-called spiritual unity.

Barack Obama was supposed to be the first president standing for that apotheosis. He would, in a sense, rule by faith, the faith of his supporters. He would sweep away all objections to government as the supplier of spiritual unity.

Government’s only hope is to somehow appear supernatural and inevitable. It can’t stand on its own.

Wars, especially, require “spiritual faith” in the mission. Obama has failed on this count, and with the opposition to an attack on Syria coming from so many quarters, there is very little cover left for him.

On a larger scale, the attempt to create a closed system, through a military-industrial-oil complex, is falling apart. Oil as the only recognized energy source for the planet determines the chessboard and the playbook. In one stroke, it names the geopolitical hot spots and the conflicts and the need for war as the American solution.

In truth, there are many technologies that could, if developed sufficiently, take us on the road to energy abundance. They are being stopped by the military-industrial-oil complex, not only to keep us on the oil teat, but also to keep us pinned to the need to make war to guarantee the oil flow.

But this system is losing its solid feel. It’s becoming more transparent as an op, long past its prime.

Every significant geopolitical story on the nightly news is a dead pig painted with lipstick.

On the home front, media, fed by politicians, are focusing on “dangerous people” who value freedom. This is a tale so old it creaks. It was told in ancient Egypt, in Greece, in Rome during the death throes of the Empire. Now, in America, it can only be spun by fatuously accusing freedom lovers of racism.

The Surveillance State is losing public support by the day. The notion that the government has to spy on everybody all the time to find “the terrorists” is so off-key, it sounds like a barroom medley sung by drunken sailors. Or a pronouncement rolled out at the height of the Catholic Inquisition.

To impose a closed system on the populace, it’s necessary to reduce the definition of what a person is. In this modern age, that strategy involves promoting stripped-down, lowest-common-denominator thought as a marvelous advance that will enable “human-machine” interactions…bringing us to the brink of a new techno-paradise.

It’s such a desperate tale, one wonders how the sellers can make it through the day without falling down and laughing themselves out of court.

The answer is: government funding. Like the oil monopoly, like the war machine, like the nuclear-energy titan, the government dispenses $$ to make the myths endure.

The pinnacle of this corruption is war. Offensive war. Not war to protect the home front, but to establish new beachheads of conquest, under the pretension of helping to liberate the oppressed. To create a sense of unity where unity was lacking.

The proposed attack on Syria is the latest footnote.

It’s not working.


Jon Rappoport is the author of two explosive collections, The Matrix Revealed and Exit From the Matrix, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at
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