Texas In Bullseye: Massive Military Movement On Texas Train And Missiles Primed For Texas Launch Ahead Of Jade Helm 15 As FEMA/Wal-Mart Connection Becomes More Clear

Stefan Stanford

The condition of Texas is in the bullseye in today’s Jade Helm 15 overhaul with a strange battery of surface to air rockets that give off an impression of being prepared for dispatch confronting East that were found and reported upon by Texas media, (just to be told they are there for ‘a drill’ as seen in 2nd feature), while a train pulling monstrous measures of military hardware has been shot moving west, west of San Antonio, Texas, as partook in the 1st feature underneath.

Becomes More Clear

While the US military is as yet being cryptic of the accurate way of the Jade Helm 15 extraordinary strengths ‘penetrates’, the 3rd feature beneath is a conceivable indication of their actual reason from the lips of Vice President Joe Biden himself, deriding firearm proprietors by notice: “we’re going to swoop down with unique powers people and snatch up every weapon in America,” comments made only two years prior in April of 2013.

The FEMA Wal Mart association is additionally getting to be all the more clear as partaken in the 4th feature underneath from Sgt Joe Biggs who lets us know about Mark Cooper, a senior executive FEMA board part who is likewise an individual from Walmart’s Global Emergency Management group. We ought to likewise recollect an organization between Wal-Mart and the CDC to utilize each of the 4000+ of their stores to circulate countless dosages of immunizations ought to those crisis measures be important, going back to no less than 2009 and giving more confirmation demonstrating a long running association between Wal-Mart and ‘crisis administration’ in America.

The arrangement of feature reports underneath additionally incorporate one of US Marines preparing for uproar control in Virginia as seen in the 5th feature and the 6th feature, another discharge from MLordandGod who offers with us the most recent on the Wal-Mart underground passages and lets us know all the more about the joint wander between Wal-Mart, the DOD, DHS, NSA and the whole slew of letter set soup organizations who work for the American individuals however persistently avoid us what they’re truly doing.

The alarm republished underneath features from the site of Stephen Quayle offers with us that even National Guard individuals are experiencing issues discovering from their bosses what Jade Helm 15 is truly about.

What would it be advisable for us to make of these rockets ‘prepared for dispatch’ in Texas? It is safe to say that they are hoping to need these in America?

What do you think about Joe Biden’s notice here? Is this a definitive cautioning to Americans, originating from the mouth of our own VP, trying to deride American firearm proprietors? Keep in mind, this was back in April of 2013!

While endeavors to minimize the WalMart association with FEMA and ‘demise vaults’ has been made, Sgt Joe Biggs helps us to comprehend that the association in the middle of WalMart and FEMA does a reversal numerous years and runs profound.

Uproar control in Virginia…what would they say they are planning for, financial breakdown? Prompting into ‘Hillary fun camps’?

Incredible feature that puts the Wal-Mart closings, Jade Helm 15 and the underground passages all together.

I conversed with an associate this evening who is a reservist in the Army National Guard. He said that nobody in his unit can get any answers on Operation Jade Helm 15. They are being requested by order to not ask about it, which is making them suspicious


I conversed with an associate this evening who is a reservist in the Army National Guard. He said that nobody in his unit can get any answers on Operation Jade Helm 15. They are being requested by order to not ask about it, which is making all of them become more suspicious and vigilant about what’s going ahead in the background. He said that the majority of the non-dispatched officers know they are intentionally being kept oblivious about the genuine purpose of Jade Helm, and that it really is “eccentric fighting” and phenomenal for the U.S. military.

Additionally, today a neighborhood companion of mine and a previous Marine amigo went to get eyes on the Walmart that shut in Brandon, FL, which is 30 miles from me here in Lakeland. From their vantage point they could see that the store was intensely monitored by DHS troops, and that a train which was halted on the tracks adjoining the Walmart was loaded down with military equipment, and more surplus apparatus in the encompassing range holding up to be organized.

The majority of that for pipes issues and/or worker standoffs, correct?

I viewed the feature by Dr. William Mount of Channel 77 in Seattle, depicting a U.S. Armed force logistics class he took in which the Army had deliberately set-up a concession of Walmarts all through the country in a private alcove arrangement to be repurposed as government military supply stops/conveyance bases in the case of a national emergency:

That bodes well, considering their vital areas in every major American city, access to significant streets, their tremendous stockroom and floor storage room, and the prior observation frameworks as of now set up at each store.

All things considered, I additionally took to heart the late caution on your Alerts page from the previous Navy Seal in regards to America’s police express, the outskirt, Russia, Walmart and World War III:

Those are all inquiries which nobody without a trusted status is conscious of the answers. Misleading is, as you most likely are aware, naturally the hand of underhandedness.

It is getting close, and each veteran mate of mine I converse with concurs that with the extension and size of this operational reveal, the government is planning for a significant occasion, whatever that may be. What’s more, its right here at home, in my area. With that acknowledgment, a ton of my kin here are at an elevated condition of sharpness and preparation, suspecting the most exceedingly awful.

Additionally troublesome is the association of Jade Helm (Stone Guide) to the Georgia Guidestones, America’s against human Stonehenge-like open air sanctuary of the sun.

Stay alarm! For our enemy knows he has however a brief while left.

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