TFR – Revolutionary Radio with Gary Wayne: Nephilim and Illuminati Part 1


This show was originally recorded on January 27, 2016. In this episode, I spoke with author Gary Wayne about his book, The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret …


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  1. Dave Carlson says:

    The whole human race shares on male Y-chromosome lineage and three mitochondrial DNA branches. Which supports the people accounted for on the Arc. There is no nephilim left.

  2. Hey Rob how can u turn your back on Johnny Cirruci plZ explain

  3. Gary wayne is the epitome of the fallen angel agenda researchers

  4. journeymann says:

    ROB !!! Great to hear more from you again mate! I LOVE the intro for this show. SO GOOD BROTHER. Greetings from Brisbane Australia.

  5. Bill Binns says:

    If there is enmity between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent then who became the seed of the serpent if not a child? This Word from Yahweh was long before the Mnt Herman intrusion. An angel appears to be able to give it's seed, a physical seed, right? Two things I pray for better understanding on. Thanks Rob and Gary.

  6. HULUCrackle says:

    Gary Wayne Really Doesnt Know ANYTHING. After 3 hours of listening He Trys To SELL The Completely BOGUS ''jew'' holocaust?? part 2 at 1:35:45
    No Thanks! Ashkenazi talmudist Satanic ''6-million''LIE! Its More like 6-6-6 million 'jews'

  7. you need to talk to/interview/collaborate with Liz McGee!!!

  8. Mike Walker says:

    The construction of Babel seems, to me, to be a 4th revenge of Satan. Nevertheless, great show. I love when people, like you, try to correlate history with the Word of God.

  9. Ronniecob40 says:

    Steve Quayle and Timothy Alberino, from the GEN6 project said their is evidence that they( The Nephilim) survived underneath the ground.

  10. Tfortruth2 says:

    Great discussion… energy, now I have tons more questions on this subject, and so many things related to it. More! How did people become gibborim? You don't think nephilim escaped the flood by hiding in clouds and stuff really, do you–I know the legends say that but….?

  11. carpejkdiem says:

    Excellent stuff! – Blessings2u and thank you very much brother Rob.

  12. carpejkdiem says:

    Excellent stuff! – Blessings2u and thank you very much brother Rob.

  13. Ray Jett says:

    why do some people hate jews? why do some people hate? why do some people? why do some? why do? why? ?

  14. Skiba is awesome. God bless you mate. Australia.

  15. Colin King says:

    Wow this was absolutely incredible! Fixin to listen to part 2. I've been interested in nephilim for a number of years since I've been a strong youth earth creation proponent and researcher for a long time. I've learned more about nephilim from this broadcast than I think I have the rest of the time I've looked into it. There's just so much we don't know about the universe we're a part of. I may have to get this guys book. Rob I find it funny that I discovered you from flat earth research. At this point I'm surprised I never heard of you before that. Although it wasn't long before I discovered flat earth that I had begun really researching nephilim. I think I got kinda side tracked the last few months with FE but at this point I've come to kind of a stand still and now I think I'm back on track with nephilim. I didn't know there was so much to learn!

  16. i didn't know u had a radio show.. i always thought it was u being interviewed.

  17. Jason Torres says:

    Interesting interview. He has some good and fascinating research to share.
    He left out that HERMES is the same person as CUSH (Chaos), the father of Nimrod who most likely influenced his son Nimrod/Osiris/Apollo in creating their chaotic religion that has mislead mankind.

  18. i was just talking about the possibilities of fairys today, if they had been based on some truth or not. the greys?…idk interesting. i thought it was interesting that some people believed in them. i was wondering if there was some extinct insect as an analog but the nephelim/greys…way more fun to think about, good show.

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