The Arrival


Radio astronomer Zane Zaminsky (Charlie Sheen) believes he’s picked up a cosmic noise that signals extraterrestrial intelligence. His desperate search for …


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  1. steve66oh says:

    I just love the scene where Lindsay Crouse shows Charlie Sheen how a dozen or so CO2 monitoring stations, each recording about a 1% increase in CO2, leads her to conclude that there has been a TWELVE percent increase in CO2. When I first saw that scene, I just accepted it… but as climate change has grown as a topic of public debate, I remembered that scene and said "Waitaminute… a real scientist would take the AVERAGE, not the SUM of those readings…"

    Be honest… is this a mistake in this film… or was this done on purpose as propaganda to support a political issue?

  2. Think this video has malware attached

  3. Scott G says:

    it's always the black kid screwing you over

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