The Arrivals 4 ( We Are Composed Of Energy , Harness That Power )



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  1. brkdaice says:

    This is actually a very informative film.
    You point out some important factors that should be taken into serious consideration. Although I don't agree with all the claims, it does not discount the other valid information that you present.
    Thanks for taking the time to create this very informative film. I will definitely finish watching it later.

  2. TruthLogic says:

    please feel free to watch it all and give me your Christain perspective on it.

    it was created by user Norega

  3. Mesina2 says:

    USA have only few real presidents, three of real ones are Lincoln( killed during election), JFK( killed during election) and Wilson Woodrow( suspicously died 1 year after his election ended).

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