THE ARRIVALS – “Ballad of Lon Stokes” LIVE


August 13, 2011 @ 1234 Go! Records, w/ Underground Railroad to Candyland and Only the Messengers. Low quality vid from a little pocket camera, but what …


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  1. TheBlahZine says:

    Nice video. I love what you added to the beginning.

  2. yogurtnyc says:

    Thanks. Dug your Christmas video. URTCL played this show with the Arrivals, too. If I have any usable footage, I'll throw it up on here for you.

  3. TheBlahZine says:

    @yogurtnyc : aww thanks. I wish I had video. I have a bunch of photos of them on my flickr, but no live videos. (though I just put up a video for their song Frontline that I edited from old war archive videos).

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