The Arrivals NL sub pt.28 (Why Satanism is Practiced by Our Leaders)


Deze serie’s bestaat uit 51 afleveringen waaronder een intro en een outro. Vergeet niet te reageren. Groetjes Abdlmagid This series consist of 51 episodes …


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  1. 7andala95 says:

    To all muslims watching this series we are not allowed to watch it ! It's a Shia propaganda not to mention the fact that by the end of this series u will be brain washed, have seen many naked women kissing " a3otho billah " ,and u will listen to the music ( this tune ) it's all haram so don't watch it

  2. shia ore sunna where all brothers from the same father Adam (pbuh). if he knows allah is 1 and mohamed (pbuh) whas his final messenger then there is no sunna or shia. we are alle muslims! we have to unite! alikom salaaam btw hope this series open some eyes inchallah

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