The Arrivals Part 02 (Penguasaan Minda) – Malay Sub


A documentary about the comings of the Antichrist / Dajjal, Imam Mahdi, and the second coming of Jesus (Nabi Isa). A very powerful and unprecedented …


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  1. Deepika R says:

    now make a video of all the Muslim countries and you will know how much they have been ruled & cheated by their leaders & govt. Talk & show – Syria, Egypt, Sanaa……… make video now Production house………………

  2. all what he siad true

  3. Meor Hailree says:

    to all people should listen to this!!!

  4. bogus455 says:


  5. Forget about whos speaking in this video.. But look at the TRUTH BEING EXPOSED…. RIGHT IN YOUR HOMES AND BEDROOMS ARE THE HYPNOSIS BOXES.. You got it… The TV… You and your family are being hypnotised day and night… Made to limit your thoughts and limit your thinking.. This is serious guys… WAKE UP….

  6. cheese says:

    Christians, Muslims, and Jews unite against the occult's!

  7. can i know the title of background music?

  8. Media elktronik spt TV bnyk mpengaruhi pmikiran masysrakt dunia utk mngikut tlunjuk Yahudi n Nasrani, inilh dkatakn Penjajahan Pmikiran yg mana cara yg plg mjimatkn utk mjajah dunia!!!!

  9. BdHstd. says:

    jewish ortodoks are the good jewish..they been terminated by hitler..nowaadays they live in muslim country to seek the only jewish rule the world are ashkanazi(not a real jews)…the white man..

  10. BdHstd. says:

    benedictine order…this is

  11. BdHstd. says:

    the vatican is not a religious place for christian they are just pretend to be…they will move the capital to jerusalem to realease the roman peter and so we called dajjal…this is truth they not the religious one..

  12. wawa azizi says:

    saye x brape faham sgt la video there anyone can explain me about this video..??

  13. al jawi says:

    tngok dari The Arrivals Part00 sampai habis, fahami betul2 suibtitle malay. jngan cerita kat orng klau x paham betul2, lebih baik syorkan kawan2 tngok sndiri, kita x nak salah paham, kita nak penyatuan. ini penting.

  14. Rafiq Kamal says:

    You are rite sir…you are rite…

  15. zack ary says:

    Dua Perkataan Sahaja : Penguasaan Minda ! 100% aku setuju !

  16. They got u by the balls …… :'(

  17. the troy says:

    dorang x boleh kontrol sy.. sebap sy tidak bekerja untuk dorang.. sy bekerja sendiri hehe.. haaha kidding.. emmm sy percaya 100%

  18. fyyfsmar10 says:

    siapa sebenarnya george carlin ?

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