The Arrivals Part 21 (What Is Yet To Come) – Malay Sub



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  1. JanMasl says:

    Macs suck. Hahaha, jk bro. These are awesome

  2. for 5 years i knew about the nwo, there agenda , secret socities but the arrival blew me away . wake up people for fuk ake wake up

  3. Mr44sam44 says:

    his motherfucker is fucking inside his house but yet he is wearing sunglasses. Why? The bitchass nigga is deceiving people with these video. I believe everything in these videos but you can not be over thinking this because it will will conquer over you and take you into depression and fearful state where you are paranoid. LOVE&PEACE

  4. Mr44sam44 says:

    Brothers and Sister Stop Watching These videos no one has to tell you that evil exist, You can see it for yourself. just practice your religion and be kind open mind. Believe nothing you read, Believe half the stuff you see. LOVE&PEACE

  5. so I take it you are in denial. I thought the message in this series was clear.. which is to Open Your Mind about hidden society and their hidden agenda to ruin the world for their own sake and how we are unable to fight it. of course people can see for themselves that evil does exist, only this so-called hidden society try to prove that evil DOES NOT EXIST! that's all. you should watch from the first video to fully understand it. don't judge book by its cover

  6. im woke up from this dajjal project..Thx to Allah..and thx to to uploder´╗┐

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