The Arrivals part 23 – Materialism and Battle Within



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  1. Good Job. At one time, I was a user of women for my own pleasure. I became celibate and began to grow as a person. Now, I know I am capable of real love, and not just using someone. I know it sounds weird, but now I see my sexuality as a gift, something to share with the woman I love. The more I realized this, the more I saw the Matrix fighting back, attacking me, trying to distort what I've learned. I have seen the Matrix, the agents of conformity; and they knew I could see them. TOTALLY HONEST

  2. paul pilon says:

    dear paul,will you stop eating soon or not going to the washroom or maybe stop sleeeping,are your needs going to end,eat,drink …sex dont feel guilty you givin humanity to all those women and they wonder where you are…love is free just like sax

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