The Arrivals pt.43 ( The Symbolism of 9-11 )


I dedicate the final to my friend ” truthjusticefreedom ” . This series explores the revelations of the religions of the world with regard to the arrival of the Antichrist Dajjal , …


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  1. @meniconin Basically. It was mocking Allah (God).

  2. Nejem Bassam says:

    @meniconin Yup, They were trying to challenge Allah (Which is ment by the name), thats why Allah Blew up the Challenger.

  3. Tarek Ghoz says:

    there is one thing i want to tell you. not everything is masonic. the eye meant something before the masons. just because they found some symbols doesnt mean they made everything

  4. @chiro89

    kate middleton is ashkenazi jewish

  5. @deftonesfanatf

    the kaaba is the square of saturn and the jewish god EL is saturn – and the pope wears a saturn hat amongst other things

    abrahamic religions worship saturn – thats why they cut their own children and sacrifice animals

    the muslims circling the kaaba is from judaism which copied all from egypt

  6. kronick88 says:

    It's been said that the number 0 represents a vortex/portal.
    When you think of the WTC towers, the location afterward was referred to as "Ground Zero".

  7. When you said "9-11 Megaritual", I though this is BS, but hold on! what about the faces seen in the smoke that came out of the towers that day?, and the "Vortex like" monument built after, could it be?, OMG.

  8. AvDontCare says:

    It shows that Satan is truly behind all this

  9. mehdi dridi says:

    this is all a ball shit

  10. Bnmo Omnb says:


  11. Tsmix bombix says:

    but isent iluminatie a ball of bull shit

  12. sa lul says:

    I invit you and jewish and all the people to convert to ISLAM if u want Paradise ! judaism it was a religion ,now it is'nt ,cristinity it was to, now it is' islam for us all ! i write this invitation for u because i'm responsable .

  13. It's Bullshit ! There is only GOD or Consciousness! There is nothing this is not God or energy or consciousness! We/They created all this 'mindgames' to pass the time so-to-speak! We on this Earth are in for a upgrade in consciousness awareness soon; then more of 'you' religious propaganda-programed people will begin to see the Game for what it was & get on with true growth of 'soul'! You've been 'played' by those knowing the truth, yet enjoy the 'power' of control 'til it's no longer possible!

  14. persian piece of shit stick with your stupid green movement

  15. zaki612 says:

    Marijuana is god…nature is god…we are god…they are the devil

  16. The000FOG says:

    no my friend dont be delusional, man cannot be God for man is mortal and God is THE deity transcendant of creation. BTW holla back G 🙂

  17. monicax0x says:

    only our physical form is mortal …

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  19. Guys, I think there is a dangerous secret on the Egypt pyramids.

  20. Listen to me … We didn't see our god to now but if you wanna see him quickly. Just kill yourself. NO WAIT…. you will go to the hell for that … you just need to wait for a natural death.

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