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  1. Now my major problem with these ads is that when you click on them it doesn't link you to the full length version of the ad on youtube, and no youtube video means no comments section, and no comments section means I can't tell him where he can shove his Ferrari, his Lamborghini, and his precious bookcases.

  2. Axemurder007 says:

    "Mmm yes is this the jelly school? We have a youtuber who is extreeeemely jelly."

  3. HUDA HD says:

    Stinky unwashed penis…..Awesome…..

  4. Here in my garage just bought this new lamberguini!!!

  5. this dude belongs on adult swim

  6. Oliver Mayes says:

    He has another house in the hollywood hills. perhaps he rents the one in beverley hills out because he doesn't need the space, hence it's on a renting website? Ever thought of that??

  7. wauw, you are truly the most pathetic, hypocrtitical person. it's adorable

  8. Tim O'Brien says:

    dude you're retarded

  9. josh pavao says:

    and here is a perfect example of the saying "haters making me famous"You are a loser for hating on someone else's success. Continue wasting your time while he continues to succeed.

  10. Samuel Okoro says:

    I agree with a lot of what Tai says. It really is about knowledge but he does come off as a douche a lot of the time

  11. IshyVideos says:

    Get outta my hen-TAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!

  12. brody denton says:

    This is so ignorant

  13. EnorusLoL says:

    that's not a basketball Ethan

  14. funny but you need to take anything some says with a pinch of salt obviously, tai aint some saint but he reads some interesting books people again fixate on the person not the content.
    good video tho.

  15. Jerod Lenny says:

    lol subbed I can't stand that Lopez douche

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