The documentary Illuminati Reptilian SIRIUS – With Steven Greer


Reptiles Felon ” Dr. Steven Greer , Dr. Jan Bravo . ” And ” Amardeep Kaleka ” , ” Antonio Huneeus ” , ” Maureen Elseberry ” and ” Jason McClellan ” are mortal enemies of humanity .


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  1. Your videos are a wealth of information. One thing that struck me in the SIRIUS video was in the frame about how they like to put images in our faces that are somewhat hidden, and how they are obsessed with revealing secrets, in which you show the rectangular white image of the alien with eyes. It was a surprise for me because I saw an object just two days ago that looked very similar excluding the eyes while watching the fake planes from my backyard creating their fake skies. I had a pair of binoculars because I have been observing what look like birds and these shadow like objects or demons that have the appearance like huge hawks but they are in shadow and very obscure. I'm unsure what they are, and I continue to watch them for an answer. Anyhow while observing the sky that day, this thing just appeared and it was moving slowly away from me until it just vanished.  

  2. Uggh!! i can only give One!?? thumbs up? ?? Glad someone is Finally exposing this fraud. Great job! 

  3. Steve L says:

    I am truly trying to learn, to become enlightened, but it's very difficult to know what is the truth. I came across Dr Steven Greer by chance and out of everyone on the internet I felt that his views and teachings are the most truth based out there. However, I am surprised to see that there is such negative opinions of him as well. I will keep an open mind about the information you are sharing but I must be honest. I feel as if the opening portion of this video, (the reptilian eye in the tree, the "placement" of the eye near the top of the moon, and the sun raises being "occult") seem to be either so well hidden that it seems fabricated, or that one would have to be incredibly suspicious and stare at an image so long. Like looking at a cloud and seeing an animal shape that no one else sees. Also, are you suggesting that reptilians are real, as well as greys and tall whites and nordics, and that our human ideals of "God" "Christianity" and the "devil" are also true? I see no evidence that god, jesus, satan, angels, demons, ect are real outside our human construct of religious dogmas. You adding aliens to the mix only clouds the idea of god or the devil so much further. Help me out if you can. Sincerely.

  4. Chronic95302 says:

    You're good. You spot all the hidden programming. I was about fed up with youtube til I stumbled on your channel. I recommend your channel to my awake friends, but I still got a lot of em who cant even wrap their head around the surface level shit. I knew the system was fucked by the time bush got reellected, and illegitimately again. But you provide a lot of good info to support and expand on the work of gatekeepers like david icke. I can use that to help bring more people around. Keep up the good work and dont let the internet trolls get u down. Just know the harder they come at you, the greater the effect you're having on the population.

  5. some deep shit to think over….

  6. eheheheh so funny , ur videos are great

  7. Big Business says:

    The Illuminati Reptilian SIRIUS Documentary – Wit…:

  8. Ruben Duarte says:

    Reptilian Dr Greer…. my ass 

  9. Patrick Lynn says:

    Steve is so gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  10. your handle betrays you, or shows your true colors rather.  Nice try

  11. Nex Wex says:

    I saw these shadow faces right in moment that started.
    -Learned from Satanic Disney shadowing demonic faces in their cartoons.

     So, we know that something sinister going on but still i can't be fully conscious about it.
       What bothered me for years is:
     -It sims that shapeshifting is cached only by camera lenses but not by humans in studious, public places(when some reporters shifting or, live shows with allot of people in studio where shifting occur.
     Can you please explain what happening really? It really means to me allot.
       Kind regards from Serbia, place marked for vanishing.

  12. You have got to be kidding yourself with this video?

  13. bkerchev says:

    whom ever is behind this interpretation needs professional help…. what a crock of shi….

  14. OH fuck me, someone has seriously got far to much time on their hands to come up with this crap. This video should go as a warning about what happens to your mind  after you have smoked far to much weed over a prolonged period.

  15. Greer will always blame humanity's gridlock on Humans never E.Ts. Weird!???

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