The Easter Rising – Ireland in World War 1 I THE GREAT WAR Special


Easter 1916 was a turning point for Ireland and its situation between Home Rule and Irish soldiers serving on the fronts of Gallipoli and the Western Front.


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  1. Tim O'Brien says:

    I'm detecting a rising level of frustration and efforts to cut short the carping, snipping, and joking – Yes, we know we're leaving a lot of stuff out; Yes, we know what Kut means in Dutch; No, we don't speak every language and don't have proper accenting on every word in other tongues.

  2. i find it annoying the english still hold onto northern ireland despite the waste of resources, money, and lives. whats so important about northern ireland? england's pride?

  3. Interesting. Any plans to cover the Mexican Revolution?

  4. Aaron West says:

    I've a bit of a soft spot for Ireland, no reason except for a family connection (I know that's a silly reason).

  5. 57WillysCJ says:

    Add killing the signers of the declaration to the list of stupid leader moves of WW1. They made instant martyrs of them and turned the local and international Irish communities against them and made sympathizers of other communities.

  6. For a more irreverent but earnest depiction of the Rising, you should check out the Rubberbandits guide to 1916 if you can find it.

  7. Can you guys do an episode about Japan? I remember you guys talking about their contributions way at the beginning of the channel, but that's about it

  8. Could you discuss the popular WW1 books, 'All Quiet on the Western Front' and 'Somme Mud' in an episode to further elaborate on particular soldiers' experiences

  9. Indy, with all due respect, not once did you mention the differences between the Catholics vs. the Anglicans (English) and Presbyterians (Scot-Irish).  This was a religious war from start to finish.  The 'roots' are from the heretic Henry VIII of England.

  10. M krump says:

    9:20… England handled this badly…

  11. Tiscotis A says:


  12. hey anyone who's new to the rising, just so you know the Ulster volunteers are the badguys and the Irish volunteers are the good guys

  13. O'maighty Eyerland you will raise again!

  14. kingfriz says:

    Nicely done. Thanks

  15. Ælfrēd II says:

    Ulster is still British.

  16. RoScFan says:

    are you not going to discuss romania at all? its only a few months until romania enters the war! surely some scheming was done long before the actual declaration! no discussing that?

  17. Tfw Robot says:

    Those Micks sure would be sore without their phoney gorta mor

  18. Long live the heroes. I love your stuff, Indy.

  19. Great episode.

    Little note, not to be a prat but just for your own knowledge – Padraig/Padraic is pronounced "poor-rick" or "paw-drick"

    Love the show

  20. Shawn Mallon says:

    Thank you Guys! I been waiting of this. Keep up the Great Work!

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