The First Few Minutes of World War III Will Look Like in 2012-2015


We thank : grgstaffordbackup 7 February 2012 sixth Mac Slavo February 2012 Contrary to conventional thinking , which suggests that an attack …


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  1. Waqas Ahmed says:

    Ahhh I remember that world war we had back in 2012. Oh wait..

  2. HuntedFlame says:

    This isn't world war 3 it's probably not even real how did u find the camera and why did it say directed by…. World war 3 will not affect all country's Australia would be safe and possibly parts of Europe and Africa 

  3. low owl says:

    Well actually, what we would do to russia & china is detonate several large yield nuclear airbursts over every population center and military target, and wait 1-2 hours for aid to come in, then hit the same places with more nukes to destroy morale.

  4. Aaron Dawes says:

    Isreal is protected from our God and savior Jesus christ and the Americans are the super power in the world with can take an hour to take out iran and 5 days to take north korea

  5. I don't think this is anything of what WW3 Is like,

    I think its going to be 500 Million nukes being Lifted off into Other places and Everyone Would be dead in 5 Seconds 🙂

    (My Opinion)

  6. If the Government and Politics are smart about these situations I think WW3 can be prevented. Then again, a terrorist attack can happen at any given time, Just people need to be smart and safe about these situations. No one can prevent WW3 but just remember no matter what happens God loves you and the nations will all join together as one and hopefully keep your country safe.

  7. Well. That's what you get! You see your Jewish American family fell all over themselves voting for Obama by 70%. They were more interested in making sure we had commy healthcare, gay marriage and abortion on demand than they were protecting you.

    Enjoy your new relationship with Iran. 

  8. Oh my god that is real Nuke war 3

  9. Omar Acevedo says:

    Wow, I have to say that although it was a short film I was afraid, afraid because that's how I believe it will happen. Fear, chaos, confusion. May God protect us from such a devastating event. If an asteroid destroys us at least it was a natural event. But a nuclear holocaust WWIII will be of our own creation, we will destroy everything that good created in a matter of hours.

  10. Mr. Rapture says:

    War over ?  military bases ?   resources ?   oil , natural gas $$$$$$$$$$ precious metals ?  rich in resources .

  11. LacrozFA says:

    World War II never ended

  12. Nicely done piece of work that. congrats.

  13. Moon Raven says:

    Omg this is terrifying :´(

  14. Wait did it happen without me knowing? Im so confused.

  15. Well nukes only have a 2 mile radius so move to a crappy place like where i live

  16. Brad Palmer says:

    yep america is almost done finishing off these freak talibans!

  17. Pretty accurate…..unfortunately. Iran already has the capacity to destroy Israel with its heavy bombardment missiles. Each warhead can take out a city block. But Iran would never dare use such weapons, because it knows that Israel has only one way to strike back – nukes. But once Iran has its own nuclear weapons it will likely try to take out Israel's nuclear strike capacity with a conventional weapons strike, hoping Israel won't respond with nuclear counter attacks and instead try to get US intervention. After taking out Israel's nuclear retaliatory capability, Iran could then use its nuclear weapons to "wipe Israel off the map." If you believe this scenario is likely then war with Iran is a necessary evil. If you find the scenario far fetched then the Iran Treaty makes sense. You be the judge.

  18. What the hell is this nonsense ?
    Israel has the best defense force in the world !
    Israel will never fall .
    Am Yisrael Chai !


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