The Illuminati – Part 9 – Symbols, Celebrities & Subliminal Messages (Final Segment)


In early 2016, I began an investigation into an FBI operation that was infiltrating the American militia movement. That investigation led me down an unexpected …


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  1. Steve Pieczenik talking about a pedophile sex ring and hillary clinton?

  2. I just watched them all. Is this the same group that was soliciting donations in the name of the Bundys and Finicums? Absolutely mind blowing. I wish you could show the whole thing.

  3. jkbugout says:

    They cover one eye as a sign of dual sight/existence, because they think they will transcend this reality. They expect to become like Lucifer. depicted by the one eye. Though he is not here, he interacts with them. They expect to do so as well by following him


  5. 'the secret covenant of the illuminati' is on the web, interesting

  6. Hazzard Ruiz says:

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  7. Excellent series; I watched every episode. The rabbit hole goes very deep.

  8. Mike Wilson says:

    I'd like to see the entire 4 hours

  9. " WE YOUR PEOPLE DEMAND A NUMBER 10 " lol ! THANX X ❤️️✌?️from ?? ??????☠️????= ?

  10. Your kill"n me with the beep!

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