The Israelites Black Audience Learns About World War 3 & Terrorism


If your Father is a so called BLACK, HISPANIC OR NATIVE INDIAN CONTACT For more knowledge visit …


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  1. Vick Andrews says:

    they teached me so much

  2. this teaching was so powerful I screamed thaaats right. We got to repent quickly..Father in heaven have mercy upon your children.

  3. Proverb 1:20 -21 "Wisdom calls aloud outside .She raises her voice in the open squares,
    She cries out in the chief concourses At the openings of the gates in the city.She speak her words
    But nevertheless,I have this against you brother!
    You should drop the name GOD,Jésus,LORD.
    This white Jésus with blond hair blue eyes is a false image representing the the Son of YAH!, this Jésus is an idole, a sun god, and you know it !så hello why dont you use the truth name of TMH and His Beloved Son YAHSHUA?! by using Jesus! LORD mean Baal! you are insulting TMH by using this false name! what about Hallellu YAH mean you praise YAH! Hallel YAH mean Praise YAH! you have the Name of TMH there! itś better to sais YAH its the abbreviation of YHWH! than" the LORD" or" GOD" people sais YAHSUAH in english mean Jesus! no way ! Jesus sound like i-zeus this is greak god! it will be more understanble to sais JOSHUA than Jezeus! Why dont you shout like a trompet the truly name of YHWH and YAHSHUAH? YAHOSHUA mean YHWH delivers !No false name have power! Power come only with the true Name!
    YHWH, YAHSUAH itś NO remplacement with these Names!
    i will give you a 2 Timothy 3:16 advise
    All Scripture is inspired by Elohim and profitable for teaching, for reproof,for straightening, for instruction in righteousness.

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