The Masonic UFO Alien Deception – Roswell – Phoenix Lights – Area 51 – Fire In The Sky Movie



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  1. Jim Lord says:

    I spent 30 odd years reading everything I could get my hands on regarding the U.F.O. phenomenon in which I 100% believed in.
    The fake alien invasion or Project Blue Beam makes more sense to me now, thanks R.T. you rocked my world now I see the light more clearly.


  3. Will Street says:

    Keep up the great work and Keep waking up the masses! But don't forget to feed the turtles.

  4. Aliens are fallen angel Nephilim. Giants. When they fell they mated with all things of the earth. Hence many strange critters. Hiding all over in the earth, sea, sky. the process by which they can become human I forget exactly how it goes but they can obtain a body and a spirit but not a soul. So they're soulless demons. Book of Enoch. Robert Breaker pastor cloud church.

  5. yep The Strong Delusion is coming.. by design. 2 Thess 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

  6. icke123pdm says:

    this is dahbo777 voice or am i wrong?

  7. Kevin Khan says:

    god bless you sir
    your the greatest

  8. Best Youtuber truther. No one compares, RV.

  9. Boca Scott says:

    if Hollywood entertainment is real and news is fake how do you explain V For Vendetta why were they allowed to tell the truth?

  10. They plot against mankind but they will lose

  11. nice work Bro how coz are your turtles no aliens on flat earth all made up to make people think there is outer space

  12. Sea Level says:

    I keep getting unsubscribed for some reason.

  13. Paul Folau says:

    what's 33 meaning??

  14. Derek B says:

    How do you explain away all of the ufo's which have no similarities with human aircraft? I have recorded legit ufo's in the middle of the day flying too fast to see with the naked eye and not making a sound. Humans are too stupid for that kind of technology, they faked planes on 9/11 with piss poor editing just as they horribly failed at faking moon landings.

  15. hongry life says:

    What if they are prisoner of their own constructions now?
    To me the whole coincidence with numbers/ colors/ language/locations etc looks too perfect to be invented by humans, maybe computers, but maybe they are stuck now and held by divine force and cannot escape their fate by numbers.

  16. For us to travel to space and for the "aliens" to come to Earth we/they would have the first punch through the firmament

  17. Apart from Everything else, didnt aliens start to show up shortly after the paperclip "story"?

  18. Dan Valdez says:

    Its crazy how the masses will accept aliens from so-called outer space before accepting Jesus Christ.

  19. Dan Valdez says:

    DB= 4th letter and 2nd letter=6 (3+3). Sweeney=33 or 3+3. So DB Sweeney=66 or double 33 like the grand sovereign commander.

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