The Myth of Overpopulation: Force Mass Sterilizations in Developing Nations


Susanne Posel

Economists claim that overpopulation is causing poverty in underdeveloped nations. In the Philippines, there is an initiative to control the burgeoning population by forcing family planning onto the citizens. Josefina Natividad, director of the University of the Philippines’ Population Institute (UPPI), explains: “If you increase access to contraceptives for women … you will have births averted.”

The UPPI began with a grant from the globalist think-tank the Ford Foundation in 1964. They influence the Philippine government with research and coercion to push population control agendas with a focus on its impact on local and international communities. The UPPI works with UN-sponsored non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to receive technical assistance in providing reproductive health products.

A reproductive health bill is being pushed by Catholic priests in the Philippines that is expected to “slow population growth”. The church asserts that this will lead to the ideal that abortion is a viable way to keep more children from being born. Father Melvin Castro, executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines’ Episcopal Commission on Family and Life , says that: “It’s our firm belief that contraceptives will never be the answer. They are poor not because they have no access to contraceptives but because they have no work. Give them work and it will be the most effective birth spacing means for them.”

The government wants to pour state funds into contraceptives. They disregard the lack of work as a contributing factor to the poverty levels in the Philippines. Using statistics from the World Bank, the government believes that reducing the amount of children will free up resources that would have otherwise been allocated to those people being born.

According to the RAND Corporation, the push for family planning services have had a tremendous effect on the human population globally. It is in a massive decline that will begin to show itself beginning in an estimated 50 years. Based on the agendas of the UN fertility rates worldwide have fallen in underdeveloped nations and these trends are expected to continue.

Because the global Elite claim that global population growth drains our economy and resources, as well as provide a costly burden to the citizens of a nation, the women of developing nations must be refocused to believe that family planning programs and contraception will improve their lives.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA) provides information to coerce women into believing that any child not planned is unwanted and should be terminated. The access to reproductive services are at the center of the UN’s contention that “reproductive choice is a basic human right.”

This globalist program endeavors to make reproductive rights a subversive after-thought to supporting family planning services throughout the developing world. These services, as well as the information needed to make good choices, are usually provided as part of a constellation of reproductive health services.

Through adherence to the Millennium Development Goals , the UNFPA pushes to achieve their targets by 2015.

In July of this year, at the London Summit on Family Planning , the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced a partnership with Merck to bring fertility control pharmaceuticals to developing nations.

Pharmaceutical giant Merck announced in a formal statement that they will donate $25 million over an 8 year period as a “Merck for Mothers” campaign in line with the BMGF depopulation agenda. By claiming that this initiative is to “reduce maternal morality around the world” and will “advance efforts to help reach United Nations Millennium Development Goal 5, which calls for a 75 percent reduction in maternal mortality and universal access to reproductive health by 2015.”

Both Merck and BMGF have outlined a plan that focuses on 3 “key areas”:

  • Using propaganda in the mainstream media to gain public support for reducing the world’s population
  • Employ drug and private-sector corporations to ensure “family planning” resources can be utilized in underdeveloped nations
  • Coerce governments, corporations and “civil society” to support the social meme of over-population and the BMGF remedies for quelling this problem

By 2020, Melinda Gates hopes to extend the use of forced sterilization through manipulation of foreign governments to further the scheme of preventing 80 million of “unwanted pregnancies” in places like Africa, India and Southeast Asia.

Gates believes she can prevent 40% of people who would otherwise have been born, thereby justifying family planning as a scheme to make women healthier who have “families are more successful and their communities are more prosperous.”

Simply put: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has classified “unwanted” pregnancies and they are focusing on eventually eliminating this number to reduce the world’s population. Africa, a big focus for the BMGF is being targeted along with Muslim nations.

Geophysicists at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research states that only 282 billion people could be “packed onto the planet” with all other land reserved for food cultivation only.

Earlier this year, it was discovered that tens of millions of “aid” funds from the United Kingdom (UK) have been used to forcibly sterilize women in India. The US and the World Bank are also sending funds through “foreign-aid programs”. The campaign for mass sterilization originated in the 1970’s. Its first incarnation was halted after mass riots which forced the Indian government to back down.

The Indian government is attempting to curb the Indian population from growing. Over 1 million women are sterilized each year. Makeshift camps were constructed with the “aid” money. Documents showed that this effort was specifically designed to reduce the Indian population through coerced or forced sterilization.
Population stabilization, is the true meaning behind family planning and is evident in the World Bank and UN Population Fund’s push against sovereign nations to reduce their populations by rule of the “global consensus” which dictates human rights policy by deeming some fit to live and others not.

Based on the Rockefeller Commission report, population stabilization is an endeavor worth pursuing, although its success would take decades because of the high incidents of reproduction by marriage. However, with the destruction of the family, this problem could be solved. Furthermore, the stabilization of the global population would reallocate resources to be better spent in terms of quality versus quantity.

Concluding that the best way to achieve population stabilization is to coerce the nation’s citizens that they freely choose abortion and not having a child at all as part of an acceptable societal norm. By way of implementation of social barrier and cultural pressures, the average citizen would rather go with the flow and chose not to procreate for the sake of being part of the herd.

Simultaneously, by reforming the acceptable amount of children born into a married household, the impact of population growth would seem to be natural. And trends would take care of social conformity. Those who had more children would be shunned.

Increasing access to abortion clinics with the inception and popularity of Planned Parenthood would give unacceptable pregnancies a viable solution. This would distract and control another Baby Boom from occurring.

Using images on television, film and print media to control the ideals of the modern family to fit the model of a population stabilized by no longer being plagued with “run-a-way” births; but focusing on the example of small-families as the best way to go.


Susanne Posel’s Website is Occupy Corporatism

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  1. The myth about population control, its no myth, rich people who control the elements of life have been killing human beings for centuries…things don’t just happen, they are created by creative imaginations. Its like saying, “guns kill people not people.” It’s People who kill People!. The power hungry elite are out to eliminate “People” in general because they are paranoid that “to many people” they won’t be able to control and their methods that they started back in the days is to slow for today’s population growth. The “Power Hungry Elite” are getting nervous and are behaving with extreme paranoid behavior instilling dangerous judgements and causing fear within themselves. They want to “act out” their elite ego’s but continue to masturbate their mentalities as to the ramifications of their actions…Therefore, the myth about population control is here but not obvious…YET!

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