The Oil-igarchy



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  1. WeTube says:

    This channel has been experiencing a multitude of guideline discrepancies that have resulted in the banning of nearly half of the videos that were added since its inception. The removal of these videos by YouTube just so happened to coincide with various government internet regulations that were passed discretely in late February of 2015. However, we have managed to create and maintain a playlist entitled 'WeTube' that contains many of these banned videos for your consideration. Thank you all for your support over the years, it is greatly appreciated. Stay tuned to this channel as well as the associated playlist for many more videos to come.

  2. eXtremeDR says:

    "All good things must come to an end."

  3. Dano Pierce says:

    How telling and revealing! The Rockafellers rooted in snake oil! OMG!

  4. WeTube says:

    Help WeTube change the world by becoming a patron at Your support is immensely appreciated.

  5. Wonderful documentation. Thank You! Thank You very much.

  6. Anthony A says:

    Lol I wonder who the guy is, the one who owns this channel "WeTube" What if he's like really nerdy or.. a weird mexican guy trying to act "white" or just some crazy hippie? Orrr maybe he's a rich young dude who inherited his Dads money and after spending it all on coke and hoes he decided he needed to get enlightened so he spends his days doing this kinda shit haha.

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