The Perfect Storm is Coming For Gold: “Economics Will Crush the Very People Who are Behind the Devastation”


Mac Slavo

If you have been investing in gold and silver since the crash of global stock markets in 2008 or before, you’ve seen some pretty wild swings. They’re enough to make any traditional investor lose their nerve and buy or sell at exactly the wrong time.

But if you’re one of those “doomers” out there who understands that the price of gold, like everything else, is being manipulated by the powers that be, and that gold itself is the asset of last resort during times of instability, then you’ve made out like a bandit or will soon enough.

The Perfect Storm is Coming For Gold “Economics Will Crush the Very People Who are Behind the Devastation”

As a doom and gloom gold investor, your underlying reason for investing in precious metals is likely far removed from the ideas held by those on Wall Street or main street financial services firms. You’re not necessarily in it for the money. Rather, you’re in it for the insurance it provides should the “money” become worthless.

No matter how much the Fed and their partners at some of the world’s largest financial institutions attempt to manipulate nature, in the end, nature will win out. And, as Peak Resources suggests in the micro-documentary below, they will be the ones who get crushed in the end.

The likely outcome is that Americans across the board will feel the pain as well when complete monetary destruction takes hold, but at least some of us have taken the necessary steps to insulate ourselves from such a disaster by investing in hard assets like precious metals, food, productive land, and skills training for jobs that will actually be worth something when our currency no longer is.

The perfect storm is coming for gold…

With fiat currency being pumped into the system daily and the gold sector in shambles, the central banks are in for a big surprise because sooner or later supply and demand economics will crush the very people who are behind the devastation we have seen in the gold mining and precious metal industry.

Watch – Gold Price: Catch 22 (Micro-Documentary)

With the western central banks suppressing the price, the eastern central banks have been happy buyers.

However, believes this gold price suppression scheme is nearing its end.

With the Federal Reserve on a fiat currency suicide mission with QE forever, and the U.S. federal government bankrupt, the days of dollar supremacy are in its last days.

For gold though, the central banks have really screwed themselves.

What this all leads to is a price spike in gold, just as gold rose rose from $35 to $850 in the 70s, The Dow Jones from 2,000 to 11,000 in the 1990, and Bitcoin from a penny to $1,200 more recently, so to can gold have a parabolic spike.

The manipulation of our currency, stock markets, commodities and precious metals is widespread and reaching a tipping point.

When it does, gold and silver won’t be the only resources that gain value.

Assets not tied to debt, that you have in your possession, will be the only investments that will help you through hard times.

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  1. GJS says:

    This is a very harsh & depressing assessment however a very real one that WILL develop, it’s NOT a question of if it is WHEN.
    Our politicians have a lot to answer for but people are so wrapped up in their little possessions they have truly forgotten the actual important things in life that affect us & more importantly our kids & grandkids.
    The duct tape & patches that the powers that be have thrown at this fiasco has only delayed & multiplied the inevitable repercussions we WILL face.
    Apart from the natural economic crisis we also face the very real threat of all out WAR as nations rally for what dwindling resources are left for ALL our futures.
    While I have always detested governments that try to rule by fear this is something they really don’t want you to work out too early & so far they have been right, the vast bulk of the population STILL think this is just another cyclic downturn that will correct itself.
    People who have saved all their money instead of diversifying into collateral WILL be the biggest losers, I just hope that when this does explode people start to question the political failure in all this & revise their voting habits, this idea of giving one political party a lifelong commitment of support is ludicrous & the biggest contributor to this ridiculous Fiasco !

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