The Real Story Behind Aliens Ufos Demons Illuminati & Satanism



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  1. TERRAXX l says:

    bush looks like a evil creepy son of a biatch.

  2. Leave the bible out of this. It's extremely flawed and not a reliable source of info lmao. 

  3. Illuminati? A rose by any other name would smell as sulphurous. (grin). Be careful of the labels you disdain. I have known a few masons and they appeared to me to be good christians. I didn't hear that Crowley was EVER a Mason, nor Manley – not that I am that familiar with him. I agree that aliens are demons/interdimensional/arseholes. I hope that you are wrong about the knowing leaders, as while they maybe mislead – I hate thinking they know it.

  4. RoySith83 says:

    Why is the bible quoted like its the ultimate truth? Religions have all been debunked. They all originate from Egyptian mythology. Not a good source to get info or advice. We live in this time I mean cmon really? Looking to a book a few thousand years old to explain phenomena that existed before the earth was formed is just ridiculous. Aliens are all evil? That's like saying humans are all evil. Look at the size of the universe, we are here. Theres no doubt there must be many different types of intelligent life forms with various technological capabilities &  agendas. Much more ancient than us. If they can dematerialise maybe they are from a different dimension n can bend the fabric of space who knows. But why call them demons? Maybe they have advanced camouflage n r still right there. Humans have aircraft like fighter jets that can change wing shape mid flight. An advanced race millions of years our senior would have near unlimited potential & shape shifting capabilities. Time to look forward not backwards. sort the information from the disinformation. The illuminati loves religion it suites their agenda for a NWO. Learn everything & follow logic, not your fears.

  5. MrMizz007 says:

    Wow that freddy Kruger theme went right with the blank stare of clinton 

  6. big Cahuna says:

    Big money ( Central banks, Vatican,  corporations, Royalty)  wants to rule the world with no opposition . Simple. get rid of  Heretics, freedom, legal guns, the Constitution. The 99% of folks in the world are just debris to many of these people.

  7. And Crowley did nothing more than steal a symbol from the ancient Egyptians.

  8. MYasin says:

    ah its all crap in crap people are bored.dont fill your brain with this creepy cakes.try to launch your mind.

  9. TONY ROJAS says:

    The Rothschild supported the creation of Iliuminatti and they're the rulers!

  10. TONY ROJAS says:

    the real enemies of this demonic entities are Real Christians since they, The Jesus followers are the only humans who has a bigger power to defend from this demons Et's or whatever you call them. The True Faith in Jesus and God The Father cannot be touch by this fallen angels unless God it' self permit it as a punishment for our sins. Satan cannot hurt our redeemed souls.

  11. …I think Ted Gunderson was actually poisoned …he died in 2014…

  12. casho1968 says:

    It's peoples fucked up beliefs that the world is in the state it is . Whether you believe in Jesus Lucifer or Mohammed or anything in between, your beliefs are fucking the world. Stop believing in fairy tales!. You can have your God but why does it have to come with a manual? That's just some fucked up persons thoughts that sheep follow, that is centuries old when people were supposedly more gullible than these days. The Pope worships Lucifer FFS what a fucking joke, he's not even Christian but is head of the biggest Christian organisation in the world. Believe in the good in yourself, allows you to believe in the good of others. If people worshipped GOOD not God maybe we'd be better off. Maybe if you have to believe in something believe in The Force LMAO Beware the dark side!

  13. Boiko boev says:

    All they are crying for bullseye shot from my Air Force Condor .257 !!!!!!

  14. wes prince says:

    I was part of a secret society called balls and shafts. 

  15. chris soria says:

    shit goes back to the sumerians.. ets actually from hell . not saying that there isnt some form of life in the universe that knows of earth and has visited your research

  16. and here it is again SAME DAM VIDEO WITH A $TH title ! SMH !

  17. Devil = Death, Death = Death = My brown ass! FUCK NWO! FUCK Illuminati! FUCK all those evil worshiper and FUCK those Evils.

  18. Evan Whitney says:

    alright this all sounds believable but if it was real the government would have taken it down

  19. NekroMcFly says:


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