The Return of Bubonic Plague in the United States


Bob Tuskin

Once called the Black Death, the Bubonic Plague killed 25 million plus Europeans more than 500 years ago and it now seems that it has come back.

A  7-year-old girl from Colorado was rushed to critical care with a fever of 107. In the beginning doctors were unable to figure out what was going on with the child.

Fortunately, a life saving doctor did some digging and realized that what this girl had was similar to the symptoms of patients who have died from Bubonic Plague.

The child is now recovering.

Still, I have to wonder. Is this a possible tool of the eugenicists? Think about it, an infectious disease that killed one-third of Europe’s population in the 14th century, sounds like a great means of depopulating the current useless-eaters.

Yes today we can treat it, but are we prepared to treat a large influx of it?


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  1. ARIZONA says:

    Archie 1954 we have airplanes now,advance 500 years please………………….

  2. ARIZONA says:

    OBAMA and BLACK DEATH,that sounds like milk and honey or cake and ice cream,or like thousands of dead children,MY,MY america MUST BE PROUD of their choice for PRESIDENT,a stone cold killer ,you know what they say “ONCE YOU VOTE BLACK,YOU’LL NEVER GET A CHANCE TO GO BACK” and as the democrates like to say “MAY DEATH FOLLOW YOU ALL YOUR LIFE”…………………………

  3. ARIZONA says:

    Bubonic plague was dug up from a soldier,” by the us government” who had died in WW1 in europe and was buried in a marked grave,then they took it to the biowarfare center at fort detrick ma. and grew copies of it,SO GET READY AMERICA,here comes BUBONIC PLAGUE,from your everloving OBAMA,YOUR FAVORITE ANTI-CHRIST………………………………

  4. Archie1954 says:

    We all know how the Bubonic plague is communicated and spread. Perhaps that child’s parents should hire pest control to rid them of their rats.

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