The Secret Life Of Bob Hope – Documentary Films


The Secret Life Of Bob Hope – Documentary Films Leslie Townes “Bob” Hope, KBE, KC * SG, KSS (May 29, 1903– July 27, 2003), was an English-born …


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  1. Robert Velez says:

    What Bill Cosby is going thru right now -Bob Hope went thru and got away with it! Just think about that!

  2. "At 1:22 which movie? Please tell. I'd love to know. Bangkok-Johnny, here directly from Thailand".

  3. Robert Velez says:

    Oliver James- Very well said!

  4. Angel Anne says:

    Your puny arguments are entertaining me. Please keep going but remember GOD is listening also.?

  5. Bob Hope in Vietnam, Danang. " Great golfing country – even the runway has 18-holes"
    Bangkok-Johnny, again.

  6. At 1:06 "Bing" Crosby. (Not 'Crosby, Stills & Nash) died on a golf-course.I had no idea. So many strokes, massive heart-heart attacks on the greens and the fairways. Must be the stress, says Bangkok-Johnny who gave up driving, putting and chasing the hole-in-one 15-years ago.

  7. mano fiske says:

    "with the cooperation of the Hope Family"That ought let viewers know that the following hour or so will be awash in bullshit.
    Hmmm…think there will be any mention of good ol' Bob's bang shack located not far from his official bedding grounds aka his Toluca Lake Manse , where he kept his endless parade of "starlets/whores housed waiting the arrival of his wrinkly old dick?

  8. supernumery says:

    Arthur Marx wrote the definitive biography of Hope.

  9. Kurt S says:

    Bob Hope….There's no way to briefly sum him up. He's just one of the very few people that God should have let live forever.

  10. Bob Hope had mind controlled MK Ultra sex slaves. He was not the clean man people thought he was. Just check out Bryce Taylor's story. She was owned by Bob Hope and used as his sex slave and pimped out by him. Just check it out if you have the guts.

  11. dani dana says:

    God bless him! he surely blessed us with a man such as Bob Hope.

  12. Where's all the secret stuff? Bad title.

  13. Eryll Flynn says:

    A friend of mine is a well known licensed massage therapist in Palm Springs. She's one of the few who will work with AIDS patients. About two years prior to his death she went to Bob Hope's house on an out call. After he died, she told me that he was covered in what looked like AIDS related sores. Since she couldn't confirm any diagnosis, I always chalked it up to educated speculation. Then I read this comment section and had to post this to see if anyone knows more. Thanks.

  14. Vee Friend says:

    What is his "secret life".  Your doc. shows nothing secretive about his life.
    I'm sure he did charitable deeds. 
    On the other hand I see an aspect of him as a willing tool for the rich banksters, arms manufacturers, and war-mongering politicians, encouraging young cannon fodder to keep up their morale and die for their despicable motives. 
    Mine won't be a popular view as most people need their demi gods and won't look at the grim reality of war.  Or Hollywood, for that matter.  Since the spotlight of shame as been shone on Hollywood, I've come to view that culture in a much different light.
    You might ask:  who controls Hollywood?

  15. greatest guy in the world great movies too

  16. jan olsen says:

    Yeah,the D-day.God bless those boys doing the job,Bob Hope says-he should have:God punish those guys who was ordered to bomb the beaches,so the soldiers could take cover in the craters!The bombs never came!The biggest "crime" during the war!

  17. tripjet999 says:

    Sad to discover that he was a big-time womanizer. Probably would have voted for Forrest Trump.

  18. Socratease 1 says:

    He made so many people laugh!

  19. Socratease 1 says:

    W2XAB, not catchy!

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