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  1. Ithz AlliOMy says:

    who else think Dr.Robert Zubrin sounds like a hamster on helium ?

  2. why are they trying to inhibit Mars? and just incase Mars can be inhibited I wonder who can go there? I wonder how much will be the shuttle ticket going to mars?

  3. this is science to the max …
    probably SPACEX will get there much much sooner than nasa….

  4. holy crap! 2 and a half years?
    I wonder what combination they would do…. 3 men and 1 woman, or 3 women and 1 man.
    I'd take 3 hot women with me to mars for sure ;-)

  5. I think mars is good but day need plants and thinks

  6. Brian W says:

    I have said it before… NASA does not know how to land anything bigger than a pickup truck on Mars! Huge problems! Atmosphere is 92 time thinner than earth, and the atmosphere height is crazy thin! Much harder than landing on earth. Even going into de-orbit, still hauling ass at the ground with anything even close to manned craft. You need time to slow, too thin for pure parachutes, not enough stuff for rocket exhaust to push against. The stop is too many G for humans, they do not know how! You have too to really speed up to get out there, then you must slow down…Fast!

  7. Screw 1080 P Takes too long to download …..We are the space faring FECES from Ur Anus …..

  8. There is ongoing War in mars

  9. PS3 EATER says:

    Think Mars is pinned as a future precious metals prison planet mining facility for large percentage of earth humans personally.
    Once robot automation processes,personal,industrial & domestic droids are fine tuned/perfected that is.

  10. The best way, the only way with little politics, is for corporations to finance and colonize/exploit the moon and mars. If the USA combined their air-force and NASA, the world could be mining the moon by 2030 or earlier. if a company or corporation decided to do it, we could be to mars by 2030 or earlier. the fact that we have done nothing with space is annoying. oh, we have a few space stations that are glorified laboratories but thats it. no permanent space stations, no space colonies, and no tests in permanent/decade+ human occupation of a space station…. Sorry for the Rant… not

  11. total crock of shit , I loved redfaction but Mars is fiction on this ballshit level

  12. what about these new engine theories like the em drive

  13. Toast Gaming says:

    Main problem is how humans may bring our crapyness to mars

  14. Why all the mystery, they have had a base on Mars for over 35 years, they can get there in a couple of hours, such, SECRET LIARS!!!))))))))

  15. MAN NEVER MADE TO THE MOON…so how could they possibly make it to MARS? Oh! I know how…through CGI and hollywood studios. Please stop telling these LIES.

  16. Deni Defaux says:

    Instead Mars we should save our planet it's easier and cheaper

  17. ayoub alami says:

    there's already life on mars rover's bacteria

  18. Miguel Silva says:

    let's goooooooooo NASA is truly a joke and a global deception. great video

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