The Significance of the Masonic Logo


by Nathan Wiedmann

It doesn’t always matter what we believe. When it comes to understanding the mechanisms of the New World Order, we must analyze what it is that those who are behind the apparatus hold most dear.

A basic understanding of occult principles and practices can only be gained from the occultists themselves, and although it is safe to assume that this information is never presented to us as it is to the insider, it can be beneficial to examine these sources.

Write the word “human” on a piece of paper in every known language on the planet and most of us wouldn’t understand. Draw a simple stick figure and every person on the planet know what it meant.

Symbolism is the universal language, and it is through the manipulation and perversion of ancient and divine symbolism that Satanists deliver a profound psychological attack.

The Masonic logo is one such example.  An examination of the geometry and numerology expressed in the image reveals a comprehensive picture of the manipulation of reality itself, a symbol of the overall manipulation of government, law, business, media, and the intent to affect our values, our behavior and attitudes in society, the workplace, our homes, ultimately our very perception of ourselves and the world around us.

The Freemasons have been organized since 1717, with roots going back to the Templars, to ancient Egypt, Babylon, and beyond.

The Compass and the Square

Though the Masons are but one thread in a tangled web, their logo contains a basic and profound knowledge. It is a diagram of nature, in its pure form.

As an object of power, it represents the quantification of the abstract, the control of (un) godly cosmic power, the attempt by Lucifer to rival and defy God.

The compass and the square are tools of measurement and in the absence of two sticks and a piece of twine, they are the basic items required to initiate the great work and development of the word.

The point of the compass rests as the body is rotated and we see the dot within the circle, a well known androgynous solar symbol.    If we take this two dimensional image as symbolic of three dimensions, we can consider the generative force of this dot radiating to produce a sphere.

Like a seed taking root, this first motion is explosive. In order to generate a sphere, the three dimensions must first be established. The dot would project along the x, y, and z axes.

Rotation on each axis simultaneously traces the form of a sphere.  The dot moves from the center to the edge of the sphere; then, like the division of a cell, the initial movements are repeated; the point of the compass rests on the edge of the original circle, the first motion is repeated and a second circle traced.  The circumference of each circle intersects the center point of the other.

Through this repeated motion a new shape emerges, the vesica piscis. It is considered to be the most basic geometric representation of light. When we read that the mystery religions make a connection between Christ and Lucifer, and we study the symbolism, we can begin to poke holes in the veil and see for ourselves the psychological tactics behind the proliferation of such symbolism.

Further repetition of the same motion will provide even more insight.

What we find is the foundation of all mathematics and the basis for every symbol, esoteric or otherwise.  Only basic tools are required to produce this image; no unit of measurement is required for the unit is produced within the diagram itself. It is the creation of no man.  It is not an invention, it just is.

G.JPGThe letter G and the number 7

While much has been written on the origin and the meaning of the letter G, it is usually considered to be the first letter of a word.  Perhaps the most obvious occult quality of G is that it is the seventh letter of our alphabet.

This must certainly be of some significance considering the importance of numerology, cabala, and tarot in occultist secret societies. Within the diagram of circles we can actually see the letter G emerge from the number 7.

Notice that surrounding the center circle are six other circles. These seven circles are the first to emerge from the diagram wholly independent of each other.  They are touching at the edges but do not cross. When the other interconnecting circles are removed, these seven form a sort of enclosure, and the letter G.

This connection of the centers is important; in this diagram we see the letter G, in the larger diagram the lines reveal the five Platonic solids, the only three dimensional shapes with all sides equal and all angles equal.  A variation of connecting lines between centers and intersection points reveals the ten digits, zero through nine, superimposed.

-from “The Tarot” by Paul Foster Case
On the number seven:

“Rest, safety, security, victory…In Hebrew, the word for ‘seven’ and that for ‘oath’ are closely related, since the security and safety of a sworn compact were represented in Hebrew thought by 7.        “The Great Work is as yet unfinished.  The Cosmic Experiment has not come to completion; but when we consider the nature of the Source of that experiment, the nature of the Worker in that work, reason assures us that it must succeed, down to the minutest detail. The Hebrew name for 7 is Occult Intelligence.”

“Seven letters hath Her holiest name; and it is Babylon”

“The Book of Thoth” by Aleister Crowley

The ‘Source of that experiment’ is Lucifer, ‘The Cosmic Experiment’ his defiance. An attempt at the completion of the Great Work may be at hand.  As forecast by Albert Pike we are now witnessing the lead in to world war three; the mutual destruction of the Islamic world and political Zionism (Iran and Israel), nihilists and atheists in the provocation of social cataclysm (Occupy Movements), with the ultimate goal being the full public revelation and implementation of the Luciferian doctrine.

Though sacred geometry is not intrinsically evil, it is not inherently good.  These are the symbols used by the sorcerers and their cabals to represent their plans and doctrines. To know them is to diffuse their power over us.  To attempt to understand them and share that understanding with others can provide insight into some of nature’s most contemplated qualities.

“Lucifer…represents the intellectual mind without the illumination of the spiritual mind; therefore it is ‘the false light.’  The false light is finally overcome and redeemed by the true light of the soul, called…Christ.”    – “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” Manly P. Hall

“For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.”    -Luke 8:17

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