The Sirius Documentary Trailer



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  1. featheredfan says:

    Changing human nature, and world goverment will take quite a few films, and other projects. Good luck! Thanks.

  2. bbrstorm says:

    Umm, am I the only one that sees this as a way for Greer and the rest to make some big money. Ya, send us money so we can show you the truth…..OMG! If they really knew something that they can provide proof, why not show it? Stupid videos of a kid's skateboarding crash can get a million views. Hmm, just like you can go to his cseti camp for several thousand dollars. Then you have to sign a non-dislosure release…WTF!?!?!? I guess that helps keep the charade going to keep people buying…

  3. deedubya286 says:

    I think I'm going to open an on-line tin foil hat store and get rich!
    I wonder which style will be my best seller, the Friedman, the Strieber or the Lazar.

  4. meeka32ify says:

    So this is the man that was killed in the wisconsin shooting. Interesting!

  5. Painx17 says:

    It was his father

  6. Painx17 says:

    Wow,its being released on december? Thanks for telling us When its almost too late! -.- lol

  7. It wasn't him killed, it was his father.

  8. Ivanski says:

    Well, Dr Steven, it is not hard to go public about something secret. Problem is to do something about it, to make it real and "touchable" to ordinary man.You think you'll make change with it? Maybe…But i can bet that all what you will publish in your documentary i will find it somewhere on internet or youtube. My point is, that that what you will do makes you just one of many that have done the same thing and have accomplish…nothing…You just don't have enough power to go beyond first step.

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