The Truth About The New World Order


The New Planet Buy is a con! The Globalists say that they want to install a 1 planet federal government for peace and prosperity when actually they just want total management!

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  1. Breaking Truth I was watching a video you had in your list called 'Truth about The New Word Order This Video Blocked in 51 Countries' when it was deleted by youtube in the middle of me watching it! I don't suppose you copied it? or know the user name of the person who uploaded it?

  2. Ray says:

    What the 'new world order' is is something worse than you can imagine. It will herald in the anti-christ, seal you in the darkness, unleash murder and chaos, as it has already. It is being driven in by SPIRITS (ephesians 6:12) you think they are 'ufo's' and 'aliens' but they are not that at all. They will come with a bull crap 'galactic gospel' that has been sown in the minds of people for decades, going back the 50's. Who on earth are the disciples of this message? The hidden hand?
    October 6th, 1940, page 10, NEW YORK TIMES. Headline reads "NEW WORLD ORDER PLEDGED TO THE JEWS". 9/11 was the start of their plan to make white people fight muslims to the death as written by Pike in his letter to Mazzini.

  3. Zoe poulter says:

    How's about we do something not make money for youtubers this is sensored ppl.

  4. We would be very lucky if the New World Order was a switch to Peter Joseph's Resource Based Economy.
    It's so obviously the answer and the info has been out there and has received a tremendous response. So much so groups are organically popping up all over the world trying to promote it. I think that's what we are getting massaged into.
    Don't worry unless you are a billionaire or high multi-millionaire. The plan would almost eliminate all crime – certainly all wars and mostly all suffering while raising 99% of us up to about a 20% level.

  5. You have nothing to worry about. if you're American. You have nothing to worry about. You people can travel around the world. Saying in quote. "I'm American. I can do what I want." Specially when you traveling out the states….So. There's nothing to panic. God Bless you American People.

  6. A friend says:

    When all the Police get off their hypnotism (see Brian Gerrish in a video called "are our children safe")….  ill be glad when they arrest.. David Cameron, Tony Blair, Cherie Blair, Jack Straw, Neil Kinnock and his treasonous wife, and Nick Clegg (covering up paedophilia for the Vatican Jesuits clegg), Gordon Brown…. GET THEM LOCKED THE FUCK UP !

  7. New World Order is a emergence of a totalitarian world government….. Imperialism at best. Its not Democracy or Liberty, More or less surrender your freedom for security.

  8. I actually like the idea of nwo

  9. personally I think the only way humans will ever unite under one banner is if the Drengin empire will attack us :O

  10. if you want to know more about nwo plans, please take a look at my channel

  11. the pope is the anti christ
    his jesuits lead the one world government they created the illuminati
    ps after they finish establishing satans one world order
    than the lord jesus will come

  12. all you fucking grubs are going to burn in hell

  13. Now that The European Union is dissolving, it is clear that the new world order will never happen… Every country is going back to their own currencies and gaining independence from it.

  14. mrjblanco50 says:

    Is one government for the world a bad thing?
    Why? No religion no borders one world currency doesn't sound that bad. Sounds like the end of all wars to me

  15. Tim Lewis says:

    I don't think Info Wars will give you the whole truth. There is truth in there but there are going to be a few lies to lead people off track.

  16. Lil Day says:

    Fuck new world order

  17. The NWO is hardly a conspiracy theory anymore. You'd have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to not realize this.

  18. they have resistances not problems

  19. Pfrizzle 101 says:

    5:45 is that Kissinger?

  20. cris sanchez says:

    does the president eat shit in rituals those state farm really saves you money those the pope rape kids do men like women whats going on ask youtube because news lie n take orders from who

  21. slowly but surely the deliberate sexualisation of children is being promoted like homosexuality and fornication was widespread to break down moral fibre of societies.

  22. New World Order is here!!! New World Order = Satanism

  23. 4:37 Who's child is that saying boo

  24. why won't someone wake up AND STAND FOR THE SAFTEY OF HUMANITY

  25. Guys! Stop for a minute and think! Aren't you sick of seeing so many people in extreme poverty? Aren't you sick of seeing forests cut down day by day? Aren't you sick of war and suffering? It is only in the interests of the corrupt not to unify a world order because it will have laws and rules for the entire world. The world is dying our oceans are dying the majority of animals are extinct now a days… This world will be destroyed if we don't work together, respect each other, and love each other. As I said it won't be in everyone's interest but in order to make a better world we need to be together. That's my opinion…

  26. Thando Nsona says:

    great video but next time please try to explain to us what these clips mean

  27. god love peace not violence

  28. ARF Gaming says:

    jeeeeeeeeeez e-e is this only happening in USA because i live in georgia (not the state one)

  29. The new world order is already being put in place. AWAKE AMERICA !!! Research Fema, RFID, Fema internment camps, Closed Walmarts (all over America), the "Jade system", unusual military activity all over the US, Fema trains moveing tanks & supplies, mock military training to contain & imprison citizens & ISIS. There's so much information out there !! Most ARE fact based, via live videos, news reports & eye witnesses !!! The Secrets channel, State secret & Youtube has a lot of information.

  30. Aj Jeannot says:

    If this ever happens there will be a lot of people against it

  31. all about the antichrist and the new world order and their war against
    Jesus Christ and Heavens is the secret knowledge of christians that the
    world dont have.
    the world is not special to bring war against Jesus Christ and Heavens in the difference to the antichrist and the new world order. the antichrist will be christian

  32. P Sander says:

    7 billion vs 1 million. We have already lost.


  34. andy helm says:

    You tell them Risso. You quote Rockefeller. Nick. the one nobody can link to the Rockefeller family. The one who isn't on their family tree and nobody knows a thing about his historyr. The eone you made up. Notice he didnt say ONE thing this Nick Rockefeller was involved in or attached to?

  35. Kayce Mailer says:


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