The Truth Behind the Matrix



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  1. PaddyAngel says:

    Free Flat Stanley

  2. Defense of religious faith has demonstrated throughout history that the more unprovable a belief the more savagely men will fight to defend it.

    Almost everything you've been taught, see or think you know is a Lie, Hoax or Fraud.

    There are No Nukes, No Satellites, No Man in Space, No Oil Shortage, No Water Shortage, No Food Shortage, No Man Made Global Warming, No Safe Vaccines, No Safe Meat or Dairy, No Truth in Media, No Savior, and no end to the Funding required to perpetuate the Religion of Theoretical Physics.

    Einstein babel can not help you here.

    Welcome to the Flat Earth, where Freemasons fake space, and Jesuits create big bangs.

  3. How do we tap into that energy

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