The Vatican is preparing for the ARRIVAL of an ALIEN GOD


Thomas Horn is an internationally recognized lecturer, radio host and bestselling author of several books including his newest books, Petrus Romanus: The …


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  1. To the makers of the Video > the small Alien with the big eyes is a living of darkness, a little demon from the moon

  2. Time will show us, who they really are…

  3. ChOzEn FeW says:

    Get enlightened worship yourself not a false prophet,open up your chakaras and 3rd eye,become a God,In death enjoy the ride of the cosmic highway aka the Heavens.


  5. THE CARDINAL'S DAYS ARE OVER. Everything they have priested has been dedicated to Lucifer who now no longer exist and has been taken away by God,  I believe that most others will leave and there may be a lot of turmoil  and who will be in the position of the wealth for most to endure. But chance are the wealth will easily expire. Because most of which has been acquired through criminal intent of the law. Many Catholic are completely unaware of their real positions in the support of the criminal intent.  I grew up in a catholic orphanage, and later attended a Catholic Military School even though I never became a Catholic. And I never knew of the bad things that were going on at the top of the Catholic organization  and I have been own my own since the age of five. It was a hard life but my Angels always were there when I needed them or I would not have made it at all.

  6. They can have the gods they want to arrive but there is only One true God and his name is Jehovah! They can plan all the arrivals and welcome home parties for whomever they wish but they cannot and will not escape the wrath of Jehovah. Wait and see

  7. HiDJo B says:

    Alienresistance. com PROOF AND CURE

  8. pbatusa says:

    The resignation was announced not just the Pope, the black pope also. Adolfo Nicholas.

  9. David Lira says:

    Consider this, the Bible talks about a rapture…about Jesus coming to take his people, also known as His Second Coming. Where is Jesus coming from? and how does he take his people? and where do they go?

  10. Troy Lawson says:

    David Lira, read the Book of Revelations. It describes the end times, the tribulation, the rapture, Jesus calling those who are asleep in the earth, Armageddon, The anti-Christ, the two Profits, the destruction of this earth, and the formation of the new earth, why we need a new earth(it's not what you think), brief description of Heaven, Judgement day, Eternity. It gives you an idea of what is to come and how to prepare and what to look for. While reading it don't despair, read it with joy because this is our hope and our future. Oh, what's the deal with the arms and hands? Creepy.

  11. Tom Finochio says:

    you are so full of shit

  12. 550sized says:

    look at the Vatican from google earth, it's a serpent, a crowned pregnant serpent. the belly is a keyhole, and the Vatican is an upside down cross. the chair the pope sits on is a giant sculpture of a dead sheep head. wake up- all those Catholics are following a false idol. it is written, and it is true. look for yourself. and if you flow the snakes toung, ( the sidewalk) it leads to the Sistine chapel… the ceiling is painted as a giant worm ( upside down), and the back wall painting ( gods judgement) is a dragons face.

  13. because of Aliens, no matter if they are from hell or heaven > intelligent doesnt mean goodminded or moraloriente. The Blue Beam Project (pretented alien invasion) is planned to prepare us for the satanic NWO-oneworldreligion

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