This will give you nightmares ! – Game LUT # 34


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  1. Efrit says:

    Hey, could you do a video on what would happen if a Kamehameha wave by Goku hit you? I'd love to see that! Thanks!

  2. Idk if anyone is still watching the comments of this video. But I have a legitimate question. A lot of these Game Lüt videos have a segment dedicated to art prints. I had the idea to make a series based on characters I loved, but I'm uncertain of the legality of it all. If I'm selling art prints of characters I don't own, even if I completely created the image myself, is that illegal? Should I get permission from the game studio?

  3. you should make a video on mashing the a b buttons in pokemon

  4. Gaint Xander says:

    6 non gaming items

  5. al azziz says:

    u know monster hunter?

  6. *Searches house for a mug, Gets lost*

  7. ahhh so many lovely things. must have.

  8. Elijah says:

    Before I even watch the video, I know that is Joker's skinned face from the comic on the thumbnail.

  9. Wonjae Gye says:

    OMG did i just discover vsauce channel but for gaming?? Best day of my life on youtube so far :D

  10. Jason Ryan says:

    How long does it take you to find all this stuff

  11. Naroy R says:

    you should make a video about How loud is it if everyone in the world would clap at the same time

  12. Eric, It is the much-revered retreat, 'The Green Hills of Tyrol.'

  13. can you do a video about can their be a so called hulk please

  14. PuLse StRiFe says:

    Here in my garage

  15. you should do how to be a bio terrorist in infamous second son

  16. Elyse Pearl says:

    Jake, do you pluck your eye brows? ;)

  17. Hey! I have that NASA shirt.

  18. Sil Durkstra says:

    1:26 : "No man can grill me!"

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