This Would Cause World War 3 – The GameOverGreggy Show Ep. 78 (Pt. 1)


Special guest James Schuler wants to know what would happen if we ran out of oil . Get everything here soon : Subscribe !


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  1. rusu marian says:

    Researchers have demonstrated that right-brain/left-brain theory is a myth

  2. Raging Light says:

    Fascinating discussion, guys. Cant wait to see more real world topics like this on the show.

  3. gr00tk0p says:

    "So the first company I started in High School…" 
    Hahaha wut? Fml

  4. chris71388 says:

    Nick has never heard of a sound? Only on the East coast? has he never been to Seattle? Seattle sounders? Hello!?!?

  5. GJ Tonny says:

    the license plate situation is only in one city, and you can either go in the lottery system or as nick said bid. It's not because of the pollution tho, cause that city has one of the best air quality as a huge city. It's because the traffic was getting too crowded.

  6. what do u expect for the next infamous game.

  7. big bag says:

    this topic is so awesome!

  8. big bag says:

    this sounds a lot like what happened to the world in the "fallout" series. 2077 people.

  9. Sasha Tomov says:

    I am the fan of your show from Ukraine. Colin very clever guy

  10. I'm so fuckin jealous of Colin sometimes. He just has a way of articulating things that is brilliant and I just can't compare. I recently started doing a gaming podcast with some guys and I always kind of imagined myself being able to do a great podcast like these guys but frankly, it's way easier said than done. I am a smart guy  but I'm no where near as good with my words as Colin is. That bastard. I guess that's why he was a journalist lol

  11. Thoroughly enjoyed this topic.

  12. Companies that are too big to fail shouldn't exist. We need to create our own energy peak, the natural oil and gas peak will take too long.

  13. Also, nuclear fusion plus solar tesla technology is the key to perfect energy.

  14. I do like the topic and more intelligent discussions stuff but it does irk me with certain things they say. As a recent Chemistry grad I really like there appreciation of science but some of the things they say are off. When Nick said that natural gas burns with no by products its false and completely misses the whole reason why a lot of fuel sources are still the problematic. Natural gas is primarily composed of methane and lighter alkanes but still produces carbon dioxide. While it is cleaner than oil or coal it is by no means clean and the process for producing it still creates environmental waste. I was very happy that Colin mentioned nuclear power as part of the solution my research involves more efficient waste capture and recycling. Again love you guys but just try to be a bit more accurate and careful with your choice of words. Okay rant / warning done back to hearing a bunch of friends talk about farting on bathroom walls and watching stupid movies.

  15. Deeko Films says:

    We need a politics show with Colin.

  16. talha khan says:

    Greg I love your jacket !!!

  17. While it is a finite resource oil is an almost 100% recyclable/renewable resource.  (It's at about a 90% rate but always getting better and better and closer to the 100% mark)  That's kind of the dirty little secret with oil, used oil/waste oil, places pay to have it picked up, it then gets treated and repackaged as new oil and sold on the market, so you have companies that pay you to take their oil and make money off that end, and also get paid when they resell it.

  18. Shaddowkhan says:

    Guy in the middle didn't smile for the first 8mins

  19. Logan Sweets says:

    is that a cm punk t shirt on Greg?

  20. "Happy birthday Kevin"

    Who was expecting a "Fuck you, Kevin"?

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