Three big reasons war is going away


War is dominating the news right now. But the 21st century has actually been the most peaceful one in modern history.

Words: Zack Beauchamp
Direction: Joe Posner
Animation and Design: David Stanfield
Score & Sound: Shay Lynch


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  1. Kea N says:

    No war for conquest? What is Israel doing to Palestine than?

  2. Meanwhile in the Middle East and Ukraine…

  3. AZDuffman says:

    Before you all get excited, remember that every declared and non-declared nuclear power has been attacked with the ex exception of North Korea.

  4. Hannibal says:

    This would have the be the trend for a very long time for us to make any meaningful conclusion out of it. There's been periods of relative stability in the world before that ended it massive wars.

  5. Wow, they did a whole video about how war is going away, without talking about how it is more economically viable to just trade with others country.

  6. i saw russia as democracy in 2002 and it was not in 2012 how??

  7. "There hasn't been a single successful war of conquest since 1976". Well, this channel certainly doesn't count the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

  8. You see this is why you really cant believe everything you watch on YouTube. Ask the people of Afghanistan and Iraq if the consider our "INTERVENTION" war. I mean come on ISIS, the large continent of Africa.

  9. My good people at Vox, I really admire your work however there is a mistake in your map; Nigeria has been continously democratic since 1999 but is left out on your 2002 and 2012 maps.

  10. WE Gaming HD says:

    so in Romania in 1992 it wasn't democracy…… oky doky

  11. Dynamical says:

    The UK isn't even that much of a democratic country. It's probably one of the least democratic countries in Europe. The only things that the public really vote on is the party and things that affect the country on a big scale, such as Brexit, but other than that nothing. Most things to do with law are actually done by a small group of people in the House of Lords and Commons. Like some of the members in the House of Lords are actual Lords, they inherited their role in Parliment, not earned, or some people are 'permanent' members of the Parliament. Imagine Congress but half the people there inherited their role meaning they're not really experts at their job, not even a politician. These Lords have quite a lot to say to the Laws, probably more than the Queen in some cases as the Queen doesn't actually vote in the Houses, she just signs it. And you might be thinking, 'Well if she doesnt want the law, she can just not sign it', well that's not actually the case because if she does not sign the law (even if it is for the better of her country) the Prime Minister is allowed to destroy the Monarchy.

    And if you didn't know, all news companies in the UK is more or less ran by the government. If the government wants to hide a story from the public, they simply tell news companies not to make an article about the story. This has happened a few times – however Twitter is kinda changing this as US News companies are allowed to share these stories as they are not run by the UK government. The biggest news story that the government covered was the death of King George VI, since the government was so shocked they made sure that the public didnt know about his death until several hours later.

  12. Dynamical says:

    0:43 Russia is a democratic country.

  13. kev villa says:

    its not that we live in the most peaceful time, but the most technological and therefore less people are required in wars.

  14. Knightfire66 says:

    5:57 .. the red lines of the us flagg are part of the chinease red flag… like in the reality a lot of chinease are in the usa… xD

  15. Knightfire66 says:

    russia was once a democracy but not anymore?!? and why were they one on 2002?! and after 2012 not?

  16. LakeCaldera says:

    Let me tell you something. War will never end until sin ends. And sin won't end until God comes and destroys this crummy world. And save us.

  17. Nik Murphy says:

    Correction: Thailand is most certainly NOT a democracy.

  18. RalphyPlague says:

    Puts a lot in perspective

  19. jkbubbly says:

    Looking at just the last 60 years and saying "war is ending" is stupid.
    I'm sure the Romans were saying the same thing during the Pax Romana.
    War isn't going anywhere, it's just changing.

  20. There is a mistake on the "how democracy conquered the worldx.
    The Netherlands became a parlementair democracy in 1848, but on this map it shows it becoming a democracy way after 1900.

  21. rw7aniat says:

    not if america and israel exist

  22. This one video gets an unsub, not sure what lense you see the world but this is wrong and very twisted perspective.

  23. rockets4kids says:

    War fought with guns is going away, but only because economic warfare is far more effective.

  24. Mirek R says:

    OMG, O:42 – Slovakia wasn´t a demokracy? Really? Well, to the author: As a part of Czechoslovakia, they were.. so even if there is no need for strict borderchange in each map given, at least respect historical factography.. 🙂

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