Tila Tequila Claims Paul Walker Was Murdered


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Tila Tequila is backing the many controversial claims of Paul Walker and the connection of a darker end. The adult star released a shocking announcement that Walker was targeted as part of a “ritualistic murder.” Tila took to her Facebook page a few days ago and detailed her view on the sad passing of the popular star and the similar events of another very public death in LA earlier this year.

Tila Tequila Claims Paul Walker Was Murdered


Tila has frequently talked about the Illuminati sect, a powerful organization, seemingly connected to the music industry and American society. Most famously, singers like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Beyonce and Jay Z have been rumored to be part of the sect, which is linked to the occult of Satanism. Symbols, such as devil horns, pentagrams and Baphomet hand symbols have been rumored between celebrities and the group. Many are calling Tila a conspiracy theorist, but further yet are the many supporters who are ready to defend Tila’s claim.

After the death of Walker, rumors started hitting blogs, social media and news outlets. Was Walker part of a bigger and darker scheme, leading to his demise? Or was it an accident as reported. Many questioned the condition of the tree, the lack of witness testimony and the excessive speeds. Guardian Express’ own staff of writers have targeted the aspect of conspiracies, conflicting video evidence and the potential of driver Rhodas becoming a target for darker reasons. Tila’s shocking announcement didn’t go unnoticed as dozens of fans and not-so fans responded.

Conspiracies had tied previous deaths to the Illuminati sect for rituals, including that of Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, Amy Winehouse and especially significant, Michael Jackson. The late and great King of Pop had stated previously “they” were looking to ruin him and  bring him down. Many have wondered for years who exactly “they” were. The following video, featuring Michael Jackson revealed intriguing information.

News of theories surrounding the death of Walker has only increased since his death. One concept that was mentioned was the access of the car being remotely controlled for demise. See the below video of a review of that angle:

The levels and various stories to the environment surrounding the death of Walker has not slowed down. The searches online have increased, the multiple videos made on YouTube days after his death – have only increased the awareness. Does the group, famously known for sacrifices and Satan, called the Illuminati, exist?  This is where the great divide of society comes into play. While millions bat down the possibility, millions more create YouTube channels to show the instances of Illuminati influence. Mark Dice, a YouTube personality, commonly produces video content regarding the Illuminati and the “puppets” as he calls many celebrities who act as representatives of the sect.

The parameters surrounding the death of Walker seemingly appear as an open and shut case. Yet, it remains to be a yawning void of questions that have yet to be answered. Fans remain stunned at the sudden and very tragic accident that took the lives of two people and yet many more are prodding the story of the accident. Was Walker a pawn in a dark game of power? Why? Many point to Walker starring in a movie called The Skulls, 13 years ago. The movie discussed the many conspiracy theories of the Skull and Bones society within Yale University.

The 13 years in addition to the time of Walker’s death – 3:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, had many pointing to the connection of the 33 degrees of Freemasonry. YouTube video novices pointed to the crash site, stating it occurred within what appears to be an eye formation (see picture below) and many state the point of impact resembled the tip of a triangle (the building). The many stories, conspiracies and now Tila’s shocking announcement continue to spur theories. Was Walker a victim of a ritualistic murder for the Illuminati sect, or was his death just a tragic accident? No one may ever know.

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