Tila Tequila Exposes Illuminati, Kanye West HOSPITALIZED Situation / MK Ultra Mind Control


Tila Tequila Exposes Illuminati, Kanye West HOSPITALIZED Situation / MK Ultra Mind Control Programming Tila Tequila talks about Kanye West breakdown: …


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  1. Terry H. says:

    she is fame hungry

  2. LL Lewis says:

    how is she still living

  3. "sds420" They are not stupid…of course the Blood of others may not make you "look" young a. that would be too obvious b. Blood taken from others tarnishes ANY real Life source which is your Heart of Kindness that's why they look HORRIFYING as they age..eventually the eVILE..anyone does shows…check out " The Portrait of Dorian Gray" it's a great book..

  4. Kim is a witch like Beyoncé… Kanye is too far in.he been speaking about it since he was making music after the death of his mother. they will all be exposed period ..the devil exposes himself ..

  5. Chris Oakes says:

    Kanye, I don't like him! Really ugly personality!!!!

  6. hey, do you trust Vigilant Citizen?

  7. Jrokuz Dakid says:

    ALLL YOU fucking idiots need a life! WTF is Tela takila? bitch u broke thats why u out the life, bitch just talking what ever comes to her retarded mind. aint no such thing as a fucking ILLUMINATI y'all dodos need to stop. Kanye just stressed. just like any other HUMAN that's works a hard job, has a wife, a kid, ect… he can stop making music go broke like TELA TAKILA n live a normal life if he want. y'all NEED TO STFU! stop guessing what goes on in other people's lives. cause that's really what everybody's doing… GUESSING. unless you can DIE N COME BACK TO TELL ME ABOUT ….HEAVEN, GOD, AND JESUS…. STFU. EVERYBODY PERIOD.

  8. Maria Allen says:

    ? Kanye shoulda had a snickers , he was just angry/ hungry .. he wasn't himself … lol … but, seriously , i fear for him , clearly he is in great danger , i feel he used that forum as to feel safe surrounded by all those people , perhaps , he was crying out to the public for help …. may the holy universe protect him now … i like Kanye , i really do. peace/ love , i'm outie .

  9. kenye is exhausted from life stress talking bull here

  10. Deja Harris says:

    Tila know what she's doing.. she is playing the illuminati. She has videos from a couple years ago speaking on this very thing, I believe her 100%, I don't believe she's racist, I think she is intel for sure if you know what I mean.. people really need to listen and research what she's talking about..

  11. John Doe says:

    Everybody keeps forgetting Kanye West has special needs. He is mentally retarded and that's not a joke. If you don't believe me look up his medical records. Matter fact just listen to anything he's ever fucking said even before he was this famous

  12. The whole world is falling to pieces there is nothing but doom and gloom everywhere you look my brain feels like it's going to implode with all the sickness I see around the world mental derangement in every corner, the world is in the grasp of a luciferian virus spreading evil everywhere it goes and only a small percentage outside America even knows how bad things are and they are all in grave danger as the crisis hits they will be totally in shock they did not see they did not research they did not heed the warnings of the ones they called crazy conspiracy theorists who have woken up and can see and feel the nightmare of the truth playing out before them please everyone who IS preparing for the downfall & shift prepare a little extra for those who are still asleep and stuck inside a mind controlled reality they cannot see are blind to what's happening if each of us who are awake prepare to help at least a few extra sleepers then hope for humanity is not lost don't be afraid to ask for help there are and will be kind hearted humans around the world even after the shift we all must stick together to outwit the evil and fight for the greater good prepare yourself spiritually however you must also prepare physically with food, water, medication water treatment tablets. Plus enough for one or two more if we all do our bit to save another then we have more of us to fight back and we do not become just like them turning away from helping others in need. If anyone who can spare a few pennies to help extra prep for others please donate to PayPal [email protected] thank you.

  13. The illuminati and satanism isn't the same thing but go hand in hand. The Baphomet isn't Satan, just the satanist representation of him. Baphomet is a symbol in spiritual alchemy that represents both male and female energy. The illuminati got corrupt and instead of seeking truth and knowledge they became corrupt and controlled the world. Killuminati

  14. No Dazzermind- Moses was not the Word of God, but a man used of God to deliver Gods people out of the bondage of Pharoah. He was the deliverer of the Hebrews out of their slavery to Egypt. But it was Gods mighty acts that Moses performed by the power of God to deliver them, that Gods mighty power would be known throughout the world.

  15. I really hope tia tequila is a Christian

  16. Paul Hall says:

    Mind control has been around for years. If you a bitch ass then you follow. Motherfucka's want fame and fortune? Then bend yo' ass over so it can be fucked then you can have what you want. No talent needed!! This is the price to pay for this lifestyle. That explains why men in Hollywood are fags and the women are pussy lickers. Me i hate this Hollywood shit and seeing these smug assholes. However If you are in Hollywood and talk against it then prepare to die cause it will happen. Kanye is on a trip down murder lane so expect him not to return.

  17. Nothing will happen to tila tequila. She's not under the illuminati anymore. But kanye for sure is in danger


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