Tila Tequila Exposes plans for World War 3 and the Zionist Movement


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  1. there was a great understanding of when said its imposiable when so much is evil goodness is not there so it made me share this video http://www.mta.tv/jalsa-salana/jalsa-germany-2016-day-2-address-hazrat-khalifatul-masih-vth-english

  2. Bryan Faux says:

    Tia! I know that you firmly believe in the Almighty Creator and you are a "guard against evil"… And btw you are doing a great work!!… But I am just curious… "Who exactly is God" to you?

  3. if she's god's warrior, god better step up his game

  4. Mike Hill says:

    In an off-beat sort of way, you(Trquila) make sense! When you got kicked off the UK reality show for wearing nazi uniform at Concentration camp/Poland! Just calm down! Don't turn sensible against your person! And when address God, what are you referring? Calm down! Calm down! Beautiful

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