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Tila Tequila exposing the illuminati.


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  1. JUDAH isarel says:

    she's a vril lizard

  2. skugglatron says:

    what an arrogant moron

  3. she say in the same shit over n over again get to the point cuz we need to know the truth

  4. Terra Estial says:

    The basis for dismissing Tila, is saying she not in a stable mind frame. But she is having no problem addressing the taboo of being labeled "crazy" and she isn't saying that it's not sounding like the topics and truths she is exposing, it's can totally be dismissed by the higher up as she is all down and out, only making some sort of crazy claims, to make the former business owners look bad , as a looney, conspiracy nut, it gets dismissed
    But just talk it at the simplest form, occams razor

    Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.

    So don't make it crazy complex. Just face value

  5. is it true about human cloneing ???

  6. Mr. A says:

    Stop licking pussy and start eating dick you lesbian moron.

  7. C.R. Ford says:

    I was set up as well they mysteriously put Bipolar in my medical records and had me arrested. I was treated horribly in jail please listen to what she is saying. ALL TRUTH thanks Tila your vibrations are right and they wish to suck your energy don't give them the satisfaction. And most of you think this demonic gang only lives in Hollywood when they've been your best friends, neighbors and Co workers since birth. Everything is a lesson learn it or repeat it-PERIOD. The government hires off planet you have been sold a lie… remember the devils greatest trick? yeah it was better than you thought..

  8. RANA LACHMAN says:

    These People Are Using Far To Much,To Much Dope Cocktails ( Heroine/Cocaine/LSD/DMT) I Am Not Against Dope, But Some People Their Brain Can Not Handle It. Like Some People If They Drink Just One Glass Of Beer There Are Out! Very Sad Tila Looks Very Not Natural. Dear Tila Repent And Ask Lord JESUS CHRIST To Come Into Your Life, I really Hope Your Are Not Cloned, Because If You Are Then You Are A Soulless Body Inhabit By False Angels Of Light. Please Listen Or Read The First&Second Book Of Adam&Eve, Then You Will Know What I Am Saying. Feb. 9, 2017 At 21.03 Hrs. ~.~ Those People She Is Talking About, Well They Are Great, Great, Ugly Deceivers!!! They Are Orchestrated This, They Are The CHOIR Master And People Like Tila Are The Instruments Of the Orchestra! Sorry Folks This Guy, RDCL, Can Not Be Fooled! Feb. 9, 2017 At 21.11 Hrs. ~.~

  9. Sarah Huck says:

    she never talked about any facts as to the earth being flat or what would make her think that is.

  10. Sarah Huck says:

    she never talked about any facts as to the earth being flat or what would make her think that is. she just talked trash.

  11. Sarah Huck says:

    she never talked about any facts as to the earth being flat or what would make her think that is. she just talked trash.

  12. if you can get in this much trouble telling the truth then what are we really being told SMH people need to wake up to reality and stop living in The Matrix thanks for your video Tila Tequila I support you 100% And so do a lot of other people and those people who know the truth could never be persuaded by any internet drone dummies or whatever they are they could never convince us because we have common sense and we know the truth but for those weak people who are just waking up and may not be as strong as us who have done our research and know the truth they may need some help with staying strong when it comes to these bullies but us smart intelligent human beings could never be persuaded by the evil doers that run this system

  13. mobkila gang says:

    Tila if you can see this reply back

  14. where does she exactly expose somthing?? i've seen 3 vidoes and still she is just threatening THEM!!if any one has seen a better video of her plz link it

  15. darrin725 says:

    Im glad you told that but their are a lot of little girls out there that need some examples of how twisted and  disgusting their Hollywood heroes really are. The damage to you is  already done. I wish more of you would do that, they would start to get it

  16. So I have tried/reviewed a LOT of Tequilas. I have reviewed Jose Cuervo, Patron, and several others…but I have to give the Tila Brand 5 STARS!!!! It hits you with a powerful feeling of disorientation…then lulls you to a point that you don't care what is going on anymore. I just sit back…relax…and let it happen. Thank you Tila Brand!!!!

  17. This is real shit i believe she's telling the truth you gotta open your mind and stop being played

  18. Truthfully, she's not important enough for the Illuminati

  19. death to the vampire! death to the reptilian! death to the institution!

  20. You're such an idiot lady….

  21. kristin s says:

    i like grapefruits they are hard to open also avocado is good for you and but i don't know what to do with big slippery rock inside it

  22. she lost her marbles. shouldve just stuck to modeling and keep your mouth shut

  23. alex jones real father is Vladmir Putin his fake father is David Jones and Alex sister is Yekaterina Putin who was born in Germany 1986 and his another sibling his other sister Mariya Putin was born in Saint Petersburg Russia in 1985

  24. Rad lol says:

    make another sex tape

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