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  1. Prabhu R says:

    Are Rockefeller and Rothschild running illuminati?

  2. I belive in god how think like me

  3. AntiGaming14 says:

    Even in the 20th century (2017) the illuminati is still alive

  4. Leo Liu says:

    The illuminati is gods eye so yeah

  5. Nothing is true, Everything is permitted.

  6. Thomas Sands says:

    Did the Illuminati get Donald Trump elected?

  7. 13is number of beast

  8. 13is number of beast

  9. He guys I'm part of the illuminati and we where talking about half life 3 with Gaben newell

  10. Iluminati Confirmed!

  11. ILLUMINATI DUN DUN DUN DUN YOU'VE COME TO TAKE CONTROL!!! (this I just a joke so don't be a dick and spam the comment saying I support evil)

  12. nycullaSUCKS says:

    The Illuminati – created by the Jesuit Order to achieve their purposes in secret.

  13. light strike says:

    people who think illuminati world is joke are stupid

  14. the four branches of the Illuminate:
    Jesuits order

  15. NelsonPlayz says:

    Le illuminati is da

  16. BinaryB01 says:

    you guys should check: out the overlay of the washington DC maps, including the owl around the capitol.The positioning of Washington, New York, Boston (Harvard), Baltimore, Philadephia and Yale that are all placed in a straight line (right over a ley-line) I also found out that the park in-front of the Belgian parlament has some weird masonc symbolism

  17. The illuminati is mlg

  18. Upkar Chana says:

    top 10 facts doctor who or sherlock

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