Top US Space Expert Issues Catastrophic Warning On Comet Elenin


A grim warning was issued this past week by the former NASA consultant and noted US space expert Richard C. Hoagland that the newly discovered comet named Elenin, designated C/2010 X1, that is fast approaching our Sun is under “intelligent control” and heralds a warning to all humanity of a great Global catastrophe soon to come.

Comet Elenin is a long-period comet discovered by amateur Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin on 10 December 2010, remotely, using the International Scientific Optical Network’s robotic observatory near Mayhill, New Mexico. At the time of discovery Elenin had an apparent magnitude of 19.5, making it about 150,000 times fainter than the naked eye magnitude of 6.5. The discoverer, Leonid Elenin, estimates that the comet nucleus is 3–4 km in diameter.

Most interesting to note about Comet Elenin  is its being trailed by 2 distinct rows comprised of 8 smaller circular shaped “objects” that Chinese scientists had previously stated were UFO’s belonging to an as yet unidentified extraterrestrial civilization.”

Hoagland in his report supports the UFO findings of these Chinese scientists and further states that the US space agency NASA knows this about Comet Elenin too, and as evidenced by their secret coding of it on the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) website that displays its orbit through our Solar System.

The secret coding referred to by Hoagland contained on the JPL website falls under the “Orbit Determination Parameters” statistics information block that lists the producer of the data as being “Otto Matic.”[ direct link here]

According to Hoagland’s report, the significance of the name “Otto Matic” being associated with Comet Elenin lies with it only being able to be associated with a video game developed by Pangea Software, published by Aspyr Media and then released to the public on 11 September 2001, the same day the United States suffered a crippling attack.

Hoagland further asserts in his report that is “beyond coincidence” that Comet Elenin is scheduled make its closest approach to the Sun on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, 11 September 2011, and that on 11 November 2011 (11-11-11) its orbit will carry it into a “grand alignment” between itself, the Earth and other planets in our Solar System.

For the “secret meaning” hidden from normal public view about Comet Elenin, Hoagland says, one must know about the “Otto Matic” video game, and which herein is described:

“Otto Matic follows the character of Otto Matic Proto in his campaign against the Giant Brain. The story begins on the Bentley Farm on Planet Earth. Here, he has to defeat brain aliens, vegetables, and a tractor. After returning to the escape rocket, he travels to Planet Snoth at the area J-3110.

Here he must survive from dangerous slime, ride bubbles, and ride on platforms. Then he must go to the core and defeat a slime machine. Then he travels to Planet Knarr. This planet is ancient and Otto must ride zip lines and go through teleporters. He also has to use the supernova weapon to open monster gates.

He will also have to use this weapon to activate the teleporters as well. His rocket then will travel to Cloud 9 on Planet Rennie. Here he will ride bumper cars, ride through a cannon, ride a car to another end, pop balloons, jump on clouds and platforms, and battle brain aliens, clown aliens, strong men aliens, and fish aliens with bombs.

Then he rides to Planet Sulak’s south jungle. Here he will grow giant, jump on turtles, and battle brain aliens, venus flytraps, praying mantises , and blue/yellow dinosaurs. He then tries to escape the planet but then gets boomed in back by a tractor beam. This beam is in control of the pitcher plant which has bombs inside its mouth. Otto then has to defeat the plant using the flame thrower weapon.

After defeating the beam controller, he travels to Planet Deniz, the valley of fire and ice. Here he will have to defeat brain aliens, flamester enemies, ice enemies, and hammer-bots. Then he will have to escape the planet from a flying saucer frozen in ice.

To break the ice, he must get a hammer-bot to crack it. Then he uses the saucer on Planet Shebanek to save many humans in POW camps. Then he travels to Planet Xallamarphamorphous (Planet X for short) to defeat the giant brain. After this, many humans have been saved and the story is over.”

Interesting to note in the description of the “Otto Matic” game is its reference to the area J-3110, which when broken down into its month-day-year component structure gives us the date of 11 March 2010, which, coincidentally, coincides with a major earthquake occurring on that date in the South American Nation of Chile.

To the many still as yet unexplained anomalies surrounding Comet Elenin, and when coupled with Hoagland’s report, one would think it wise to pay close attention during the coming months to this most strange visitor to our Solar System.

It should, likewise, be noted about this comet that its Russian discover may itself be a “secret code” in that the first three letters of his first name contains the exact constellation Comet Elenin is approaching our Earth from (LEOnid) and the first three letters of his last name eerily gives the most dreaded designation a comet can have, ELE…Extinction Life Event.

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42 Responses

  1. eletards says:

    What’s the main theme of this comment section?
    How to live with severe brain damage…

  2. aftab says:

    very funny, NASA predictions never come true in Past so people around the world now know very well that NASA is only day dreaming and spreading fear in public

    • eletards says:

      Sounds like your head is firmly planted in your ass.
      A couple pounds of beans and a good fart might help you.

  3. Eletards says:

    Hoagland sees faces and pyramids on Mars, and he sees energy shields on comets.
    Will be funny to see what his next delusion will be.

  4. Richard C. Fraud says:

    Mr. Hoagland has his head so far up his hind quarters that it would require surgical removal to fit the new dentures he so badly needs.

  5. Matt Connell says:

    Richard Hoagland has NEVER given a dire warning regarding Elenin. His views have ALWAYS been positive when talking about this thing. Richard sees this thing as a potential game changer for the entire human race. The way we think and live could be given a boost beyond our feeble abilities. Please, just go on to Richard C Hoagland’s Facebook page and talk to him yourself. He’s a pretty nice guy. He’ll tell you exactly what he thinks about Elenin. This article would be what Richard would call “fear porn”, sensationalism meant to get hits and sell ad space with no basis in truth. I have read all his books, and followed him on Facebook and elsewhere for a long time now. He doesn’t incite fear like that. Your article, although very well written, is not accurate. Peace!

  6. Chapullin Colorado says:

    How come no one comments about Leonid’s last name Ele-nin as in Eleven-Nine 11/9 or 9/11?

  7. Frank says:

    Its TIME for the Silver Surfer!

  8. OurManFlint says:

    “Most interesting to note about Comet Elenin is its being trailed by 2 distinct rows comprised of 8 smaller circular shaped “objects” that Chinese scientists had previously stated were UFO’s belonging to an as yet unidentified “extraterrestrial civilization.””

    That’s complete baloney! Taking pictures of comets requires multiple short exposures with a digital astro-capable camera. Since the comet is moving, adding all those images together and aligning the “stack” on the comet makes the stars look like consecutive dots. The separation between the dots is how far the comet moved between images. If they realigned on the stars, the comet would be a blur and the there would be only one dot for each star in the frame. I know, because I’ve taken lots of images of comets with a digital camera and telescope. Hoagland needs to get a life and quit trying to bamboozle the people!

    • Chandra says:

      Hi OurManFlint: Rather than mocking Hoagland for his theories, why not just let him know about your findings, and see what he has to say. Please let’s understand this, we will be bombarded with a lot of such phoney ‘statistics’, or info, but at the same time, we must also remember that this originates likely from with the disinformation wing of the military/industrial complex, to deliberately throw us off track & make us appear as fools. So, out of that understanding, if you seriously doubt that something is wrong with our world & have an open mind to consider scenarios like NWO or illuminati, then why not forward your findings to Hoagland?

  9. Peder says:

    I’m always wondering who’s named Mr Hoagland “noted US space expert”? From his statements I gather he knows almost nothing about space,
    There’s probably a very good reason he’s a “former” NASA consultant…

  10. The earl of Sandwiches says:

    This seems pretty damn hokey, man. Seriously. the connection with a video game is just dumb. It’s like this guy’s just bellowing “LOOK AT ME I HAVE THINGS TO SAY.”

  11. Pablo says:

    The major earthquake in Chile was in 27th february 2010.

    • Eletards says:

      News flash, Earths plates shift, it’s called Plate Tectonics.
      Info like this is hidden in little things called books.

  12. lilya says:

    How can one believe this article? NASA is gone. How would NASA support or deny this allegedly comet and 8 globes of intelligent ETs? What other source is capable of verifying that this is actual and a threat to Earth? Who is there to monitor and report? Strange how all this data by Richard C. Hoagland came out after the fact about NASA.

    • Mitchell F. says:

      NASA is not gone. The shuttle missions have been dicontinued yet there are numerous unmanned spacecraft that are still out collecting data from the outer solar system. NASA will continue to be in the space business just not launching shuttles. There was a significant delay in NASA’s mission after the Apollo Project ended which sent men to the moon. As soon as the current administration in the White House is relieved of their duties after the election in 2012, I think that the future missions will be put into high gear. It is well known that Obama is hindering NASA and it projects. Right now the only way we have to send an astronaut to space is by the Russian space program and that cannot be left to stand. America has always been king. We cannot rely on the Russians and we cannot afford to have the Russians looking over our shoulders on classified satellites and other missions currently on duty.

  13. This article is misquoting Richard Hoagland. He stated on my video conference that he has been told by undercover contacts that Elenin is ‘under intelligent control’ but it is NOT the harbinger of a catastrophic event. Hoagland actually is putting a case together that supports Elenin being a positive disclosure event!! LISTEN to his recent statements on Coast to Coast AM and to my Elenin video conference for more from Hoagland in this regard. He also does NOT believe that Elenin signifies “ELE” .. on the contrary he believes Elenin actually is a code for HORUS…

    And for the record, my whistleblower contacts have also stated that the Comet is likely being ‘piloted’ either from within or remotely….

    Kerry Cassidy
    Project Camelot

  14. Francisco Almeida says:

    what a bunch of untied speculations …

    He presented no evidence of the clue that supposedly brings together the pieces to make a whole. mere assumptions, a lot of imagination. i wonder why some of us still get pissed when media calls us a bunch of lunatic conspiracy theorists.

  15. noys says:

    Here’s the same image without cropping:
    You can see that it’s multiple exposures that are creating the trail. Sometimes multiple long exposures stretch stars into long stripes – that’s what you get when trying to take a photo of something very dim and moving at a different speed than the apparent movement of stars (that’s caused by earth’s rotation).

  16. refuse2lose says:

    I guess the U.N. alien greeter better brush up on her “extraterrestrial” language. Seriously though, those are no alien spacecraft…. they are stars. But don’t doubt that the U.S. government and many around the world will attempt to brainwash the public into thinking we will be attacked.

  17. SewerRat says:

    The picture consists of 4 exposures, each of 240 seconds, superimposed or ‘stacked’. This is a common method of getting good images of small faint objects. The two rows of 4 lights on the left are simply two background stars, shot 4 times. No UFO’s, no threat. The comet will pass us by 21 millions miles away and have less effect on us than a mosquito on your car windshield. This is so typical of paranoid gob-sputter from know-nothing wankers with litle else to do. Hoagland should find a better way to spend his time than indulge this horseshit and conspiracy hogwash.

  18. matt amrois says:

    ah yes america is planning its attack on the world, talk about how easy that is, it was in the newspaper just last year that america said they had aliens invading there missile bases, shortly after or maybe before, the us government said they would have satelites that could destroy any target anywhere in the world within seconds, at that time i knew something like this would happen! of coarse silly people will believe the government so they are scotch free when we are finally under attack,

  19. Ritm says:

    Such “Grand Alignment” between Sun, Earth, Moon and Jupiter happens every Earth year. Now with Elenin messing in-between, why so scary? – I likely believe that “Life Extinction Event” could happen of video game, not of any 3-km diameter “galaxy far, far away” rock.

    “UFOs” surrounding the comet on photo is more interesting, but could it be just some magnetic field noise?

  20. consciousgod says:

    Those are stars in the photo. The comet is moving but the stars are not moving with Elenin so the stars streak.

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