Trey Smith – Enoch: Prophecy of Isis, World War 3, Antichrist, End Times and Armeggedon – Trey Smith


Click here to save you and your love ones XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I want to give special thanks to Trey Smith for releasing …


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  1. Robert Pitts says:

    even if you are a christian you still gotta have a gun! Prayer won't stop possessed people form coming at you only a .12 guage or .45 will! Still, I prefer my Glock 21 over my mossberg pump cuz too often my guages jam. or better yet my Sp101 is a .357 revolver , 5 shot, which can shoot .38's if you like-it's a wonderful and delightful back-up piece. Amen in christ our savior and bt grace we are saved not works!

  2. What is that momentary flash of flesh at 3.29? Seems almost subliminal and definitely out of place.

  3. I find it difficult to take seriously any supposedly Christian warning that refers to the Bible as the Holly book. How many times is the word "Holy" in the Bible? Obviously the creator of this video has never read the Bible themselves, or perhaps English is not their first language, in which case I apologize. I just wish that people who take the time and effort to make videos, which I'm assuming they want others to watch and approve of, would take the time for proper editing.

  4. Mecca Wrecka says:

    that night club shooting was fake. Pulse only has 12 parking spaces (Google it) and several of the badly wounded were seen laughing and walking away after their film shots were completed. Typical Christian gullibility.

  5. America IS mentioned…read your own bible for a change……Daniel and Revelation speak,, and I saw a beast coming from the earth,,,,that's the key, everyone else comes from waters…populated lands…even the date we became a nation is perfectly written..we are the beast that looks like a lamb (Christian) but speaks like a dragon..the whore of Babylon is the Catholic Church……not individuals but the system….study for yourself, and quit letting others explain things to you,,Gob bless amaerica….we are the false prophet, and we will be forced to follow the Vatican….study. God bless

  6. Suge212 says:

    How on earth can this guy say he has credentials and then make such a weak case for his prediction? Talk about reeeeaaaaching. I'll save you all some time. Author thinks USA is Babylon The Great. He thinks Putin is king of the north and Obama is king of the south. His only evidence for this is that they were born to the north and south of Israel. In the authors mind, this must mean the USA has to fall before Obama leaves office. 0_o He thinks Russia is going to launch a preemptive EMP strike against America. Then naturally, he pushes his low low priced 39 dollar program that every Christian needs to survive the coming doom.

    You guys are royally SCREWING with Gods word and attempting to make merchandise out of Gods people.

  7. I'll believe this when his term doesn't end soon.

  8. And I think trump is the king of the South.

  9. I thought this was trey smithIt isn't :(

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