Trump launches move aimed at coping with illegal immigration


Trump launches move aimed at coping with illegal immigration

“This morning Secretary Kelly and the Department of Homeland Security released memos regarding the implementation of two of the president’s executive orders that are created to protect the homeland”, Spicer said.
The biggest shift, though, is in Kelly’s order to end “catch-and-release” policies that allow illegal immigrants to remain freely in the US while they await hearings on their legal status in the future.
United States President Donald Trump’s administration is reportedly drafting a plan to speed up the deportation of immigrants and raising the asylum bar.
In a fact sheet outlining the efforts, the Department of Homeland Security said that though their top priority is finding and removing undocumented immigrants with criminal histories, millions more may also be subject to immediate removal.
Government officials and President Donald Trump are proposing hiring more border enforcement agents and changing the deportation laws to deal with almost 1 million undocumented immigrants given “final orders of removal”. For months, it remained unclear what such a deportation force would mean in practice, or how the Trump administration would prioritize deportations.
The change could potentially see tens of thousands of non-Mexican migrants – largely applying to Central Americans fleeing violence – being sent to Mexico if they arrived over the U.S. -Mexico border, CNN noted.
The Department of Homeland Security has issued two enforcement memos, which among other things, tightens deportation of illegal immigrants. A 2015 study found that Mexican immigration to the USA was associated with an uptick in aggravated assaults, while a 2016 study found a direct link between undocumented immigrants and an increase in drug-related crime.
The memo on internal enforcement specifically states that the one active executive amnesty program implemented under President Obama, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), is not affected by President Trump’s executive order. “However, President Trump does not have the last word here – the courts and the public will not allow this un-American dream to become reality”, said Omar Jadawat, director of the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project.
Uptick of arrests by immigration officers in the U.S.

Trump consistently promised previously to crack down on undocumented immigrants both throughout his campaign and since he assumed office.
Counties statewide have for several years strictly limited local law enforcement’s ability to work with federal immigration authorities, because of legal liabilities associated with doing so as well as to encourage undocumented residents to report crimes. The program fell out of favor under the Obama administration after Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced in 2012 that it wouldn’t renew contracts that were in place at the time. The Legislature is now debating a bill to outlaw “sanctuary” jurisdictions in Texas, the term commonly assigned to local entities that don’t enforce immigration laws or hand over undocumented immigrants to federal authorities.
Retired General John Kelly has been confirmed as Secretary of Homeland Security, a sprawling department responsible for everything from domestic antiterrorism to border security and disaster prevention.
The documents represent a sweeping rewrite of the nation’s immigration enforcement priorities. Often, these victims are not provided adequate information about the offender, the offender’s immigration status, or any enforcement action taken by ICE against the offender. The guidelines were reportedly contained in a draft memo dated February 17.
“Perhaps most critically, the President is empowering DHS to carry out the immigration laws now on the books”, said Spicer.
The Trump administration is also not planning to begin “mass throwing folks on buses” to deport them, according to a DHS official cited by The Washington Post.
“We don’t need a sense of panic necessarily in these communities”, one official said in a conference call with reporters.


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