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An investigation of how Donald Trump defied expectations to win the presidency — and what it suggests about how he will govern.

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Through revealing interviews with campaign insiders, filmmaker Michael Kirk and his team examine how Trump rallied millions of supporters and defeated adversaries — and what it suggests about how he will govern.

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46 Responses

  1. Now the real american people are laughing at elite and the media…!!!

  2. rjason182 says:

    hey frontline, you showed trumps boeing 727 which he hasn't owned for several years… does anyone pay attention to the details?

  3. Phoenix Star says:

    Trump used Hitler's 1930's strategy to obtain absolute power. "extreme but the truth" 1. Hitler [Trump] convinced the populace that he had their best interest at heart and was their only way out. 2. Hitler [Trump] provoked disorder, and then claimed he was the only one capable of stopping it. 3. Hitler [Trump] provoked violence with the social democrats and made it appear they were the instigators’. 4. Hitler [Trump] had his own news organizations who advocated his personal views which, through lies and propaganda, convinced most of the population Hitler [Trump] was the only truth-teller. 5. Propaganda (lies) played a major roll in Hitler’s [Trumps] successful rise to absolute power. 6. Hitler’s [Trumps] henchmen clashed, sometimes violently, with the people he claimed to represent. Others carried out violent acts that they thought Hitler [Trump] would approve of. 7. Hitler attacked Jews. 8. Trump attacked Muslims. "Trump is dangerous his campaign should have been warning bells for everyone but still people voted for him" And now America not only have a racist and a bigot staying at the White House but Trump is also a rapist and a paedophile! "nothing but the truth" No secret squirrel here everything that I've raised is well documented! "happy days"

  4. lukang72 says:

    And stop lying about Putin and Russian hackers. Everyone knows that story is baloney.

  5. lukang72 says:

    Boo hoo Katie Tur

  6. Bob C says:

    Let's hope Trump cuts taxpayer funding of PBS and NPR

  7. Jill Walker says:

    Love our President ! Trump!

  8. Jill Walker says:

    Trump cant let it go because he is a fighter against propaganda.

  9. Jill Walker says:

    This Khan guy was a prop !

  10. J C says:

    The man who broke the Code.
    The man who broke the Matrix.

  11. USA Best says:

    I love my President!

  12. Shame on the Democrats and the media for having no other agenda other than wanting the Republican party to go down. If you look at the media coverage and attacks from Democrats, they legitimized and never attacked Trump during the primary. During the general election and afterwards they have piled on.They wanted Trump to win because they thought he would be a weaker general election candidate. Now, they are all crying. Be careful what you wish for!!!

  13. 43:15 easily one of the greatest moments in presidential debate history.

  14. Trump's road definitely paved by putin. Welcome to the new USSA!

  15. I must say, Trump is a Genius. I actually saw a "Film Theory" from Matthew Patrick, Trump literally used tactics from the Reality TV shows (Big Brother, Castaway, Apprentice etc) to defeat his opponents.

    Film Theory: How Trump is Winning with Reality TV

    He made a bad prediction, though, he expected that Donald would not outlast his opponents.

  16. bax323 says:

    Election night was almost 3 months ago and I still haven't lost my erection.

  17. James P says:

    very biased. IMHO

  18. maybe if we hadn't had the least approved of, slimy career politician running against him we wouldn't have had him in any sort of white-colored house in the first place

  19. Algum BR traduz pra nós '-'

  20. kitakim9653 says:

    The American people are NOT afraid of illegal immigrants – we are TIRED of supporting them!

  21. Ringkun Mori says:

    surprised how open the trump campaign people are in the documentary.

  22. This will be in text books someday, if we still have those

  23. Damon Damon says:

    he earn it ,,, respect for Trump

  24. Jabroni Bozo says:

    I am very supportive of President Trump

  25. John Issa says:

    That was a great film, I do not support trumps policies but I admire his persistence

  26. Exit polls don't lie. Try to splain that Lucy.

  27. Scott Walt says:

    these people are dumb

  28. To b honest I knew he was winning but began to doubt my instinct when tapes were leaked but Trump comeback was unbelievable.

  29. Nonamearisto says:

    Trump has some good points, even if he doesn't articulate them with much tact:

    – Mexico uses the US as a pressure valve for its population. It can't afford to care for all of its people, so many come here. Mexican illegal immigrants work for wages which are often below the legal minimum, which undercuts the US labor force in some sectors, such as restaurants and agriculture. Mexican immigrants (legal and otherwise), send billions of dollars out of the US back to Mexico as remittances, draining the economy of that cash. Finally, Mexico uses the US as a source of factories and markets for the produce of said factories to sell north of the border.

    – Most of NATO doesn't pay enough for its own military. All but five NATO countries fail to spend the recommended minimum of 2% of their GDP (the value of all their goods and services produced in a year) on defense, leaving the US with the bill and responsibility. The US has power and responsibility to use it wisely, but that doesn't exempt other countries in NATO from having to do the same, relative to their ability to do so. 2% is really not asking much.

    – Radical Islamic terrorism is a threat to all civilized nations. Israel, India, the Western World, Christian regions of Africa, nowhere is totally safe. Even China has had to deal with it from time to time. We cannot expect to fight something, let alone win, if we are too afraid even to call it by what it is. This doesn't mean that all Muslims are terrorists or that all terrorists are Muslims, nor did Trump say that they are.

    – The US has the right to control its own borders and control who it lets in and out. This isn't fascism or tyranny; every country has the right to do that. Trump's temporary ban from a handful of unstable and/or tyrannical countries does nothing to violate international law, and might be permissible under US law, but only if the Supreme Court says it is.

  30. Nonamearisto says:

    Trump is anti-establishment, but the establishment was constructed in a time before the internet was as large and useful as it is. Now, the old systems of media and information which supported said establishment are obsolete. Just ten years ago, it would have been very difficult for me to even type this on a major video website, or for this video to get over 100,000 views. Radio and TV news are quaint, and newspapers are downright primitive. This isn't the 1800s anymore.

  31. Nonamearisto says:

    1:14 Does this lighting make him look evil enough? No? Maybe adding some flames would help.

  32. Nonamearisto says:

    I'm surprised the people from PBS didn't read this while fighting back sobs for five minutes and start crying the rest of the way through. Their leftist bias is well-known.

  33. Faegir Volva says:

    Why duo they skip the fact that many of the people who were holding the signs at the Trump rallies were PAID to do that? It's a proven fact. And honestly, they're trying to make him sound good, but they only make him sound more and more disgusting.

  34. i dont want leftys near my kids we dont like leftys

  35. trump wins ahaha goodbuy obam

  36. Mims NYC says:

    One thing he is good at, is brainwashing people.

  37. Phuc DatHo says:


  38. Phuc DatHo says:


  39. Frank Behnke says:

    This Documentary has a Load of Liberal & phony Republican journalists, I'd suggest watching another documentary on Trump, this one is Not Quite Accurate enough. Fake News. Lol even beautiful , sweet, Awesome Kelly Anne Conway got her info wrong, that he was losing in the polls, the mainstream media polls were FAKE. was very entertaining though lol!

  40. so far I'm still hearing childish rants and look at what I did ..

  41. Jish John says:

    'I am attracted to beautiful, I just start kissing them'. PBS puts a background music on that as if he is talking about preparing holocaust. This is why the left will never again win, ever.

  42. H Eckstein says:

    I love seeing people get triggered by Trump. Trump is the greatest troll ever!

  43. HEINRICXVI says:


  44. pugg cash says:

    hope he does a good job

  45. Joe Montano says:

    15:24 pause here to see the guy who rushed the stage in the front row, right side of the screen.

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