Truth About Documentary Luciferian Illuminati Conspiracy


incredible .


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  1. David Walker says:

    THIS IS WHAT JFK REFERRED TO WHEN HE SAID "SECRET SOCITIES" you can find that speech on the youtube our noble president was killed because he took a stand against satanists !

  2. 8> I pray for these people, I hope that they will realize what there doing and put love in the world instead of violence and corruption.  SO PLEASE WAKE UP 8> :D

  3. I got saved, and my life was completely transformed by Christ, after watching this video about 2 and a half years ago. I am now a pastor. 

  4. Emily Pheo says:

    why is illuminati so dark? shouldn't it be good?

  5. willow white says:

    Why havent ANYONE noticed or figured out  the technology is TESLA, LOOK UP HIS PATENTS!! HE Has flying machines (UFO) TOO ppl!!

  6. GtrezyP says:

    its all bullshit there is no such illuminati,even if they exist so how does everyone knows about them if theyr SECRET SOCCIETY!!!How does everyone knows about the're signs,its all bullshit

  7. Lillymill says:

    Illuminati were the good guys – they were all about general education, empowerment and rationality.
    It was religious fanatics who were torturing and killing people.
    Religious institutions are leeches, fraudsters, mafia.

  8. georgiolaco says:

    We can take this conspiracy as far as the imagination allows. I'm not saying that there isn't a large tight-knit group of Individuals that manipulate the system, I'd be rather shocked if there wasn't. However, what I am saying is that this whole "Illuminati Conspiracy" has become more or less as a real life fantasy that keeps going further and further down the rabbit hole. Even if I'm wrong and this video is true, I'd point the finger at we the people for not caring about what goes on outside of our individual lives. 

  9. ElLocoSuave says:

    man this video has been re-uploaded so many times the quality is now almost unwatchable

  10. Jean Falco says:

    Talk about EVIL, the Bush's look like the Sons of Satan himself.  We are so deceived by this family!  How can anyone vote in Jeb Bush for President.  One must be a Satanists to believe in this family!

  11. Jones is a zionist jew.

  12. Jones is a zionist jew.

  13. Carly Drake says:

    crazy shit always thought George Bush looked freaking evil

  14. Carly Drake says:

    always said government officials n pple of such a nature ahem Bush were the ones responsible for half the chaos going on in da world

  15. Raided says:

    When the world becomes an actual Fallout game, and we all get vaporized by nuclear sun. I just want you all to know, it's been real

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