Tucson Officer Fired for ‘Allegedly’ Pointing Gun at Convenience Store Clerk


Police in Tucson are doing their best to stave off criticism stemming from the arrest of Kyle James McCartin, the 23-year-old off-duty officer who went into a gas station earlier this week and allegedly pointed his gun at the store clerk while in a drunken stupor… twice.

Tucson Officer Fired for ‘Allegedly’ Pointing Gun at Convenience Store Clerk

Rincon District deputies were summoned to a Giant gas station early Tuesday morning responding to an assault with a deadly weapon call. When they arrived, the store clerk described two men who had entered wearing bullet proof vests.

He said the men appeared intoxicated and one of them pointed a handgun at him, a statement supported by the store’s surveillance camera footage. The man with the gun was later identified as McCartin.

According to the clerk, the man who was with McCartin told him to put the gun down, but McCartin ignored his request and pointed it at the clerk a second time.

The clerk says he feared for his life during the encounter and that McCartin demanded nothing during the time he was pointing the gun.

The men were located at an apartment complex nearby following a short coordinated search.

Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy Jesus Banuelos says he hopes the public doesn’t see the incident as representative of law enforcement as a whole. “We would hope that the people in the community would take this incident and not hold it against the other officers, toward deputies that are working hard.”

McCartin faces two charges of aggravated assault. He had only been on the force since September.

Source: Infowars

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