Celebrity “Twin Trend”; The IVF Clinic; NAZI Occult “Twin Worship”; MK-ULTRA/Monarch Programming.

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  1. Liz stevens says:

    Did Madonna just adopt twins too?

  2. Joe Pardy says:

    My goodness, just when I thought this world couldn't get any stranger. God help these people.

  3. 16:28 HE LOOK JEWISH AS FUCK!!!

  4. This is just a bunch of random clips that are meaningless. Clips of twin stories, jumps to clips of Nazi and MK ULTRA clips, jumps to news stories, jumps to pop culture clips, and just no relevant points made. Twins are natural a natural part of life, and this video is the same old recycled clips we've all seen with no real connections to each other and no actual points to support the topic of the video.

  5. Dr. Phil says:

    Believe in jesus get eternal life . Jesus blesses all who call on his name

  6. And I just realized that Madonna recently adopted twins. Everything makes a lot of sense now.

  7. I have always wanted to be a twin.

  8. These women are all 40 or close to that age, and it's hard to get pregnant naturally that's why they had IVF and naturally, they put in 2-3 eggs so that they can make sure they conceive, nothing satanic about that.

  9. The original Portuguese and Spanish are European. Those are European languages

  10. How is it possible that an Ad for some satanic twin movie called "Twitches" just aired before this!

  11. So much nostalgia in this video.

  12. hotties3v3n says:

    People stop getting freaked out!!! There's nothing wrong with being a twin or having twins. Just because Hollywood illuminati eat salad, doesn't mean salad is bad.The issue here is occult rituals and SATANISM. Point blank .

  13. Hareball17 says:

    24:09 the monkey has horns ?

  14. 13:03 OMG!!! Black Child! What the…………..

  15. Marie W says:

    Maybe I am wrong, but Mariah's boyfriend looks so much younger than her.

  16. Celines husband one of the most high ranking Warlocks ever!!!!

  17. Tumi Yukii says:

    the dragon tales part was so random i started laughing, haven't seen that show in a minute, but that's crazy they'd name their kids that.

  18. prestwoods1 says:

    NWO psychopaths satanist

  19. its like the lord dont want them to have kids.. can u see the envy they possibly have of regular ppl? HA!

  20. Darius says:

    Those celebrities caring twins are men anyway. They dont have the equipment!

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