U.K. Rushing to world war three




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  1. Cameron reminds me of Kenny Everet character General Bomb the Bastards


  3. I noted some estimated voting figures last night, wherein it is predicted that Cameron will win the vote with a substantial majority. Any resistance to the scheme will undoubtedly be ignored, as this is highly likely to be part of a pre-planned escalation.

  4. Pete WDHCo says:

    Its all planned and a drawn out conclusion. was planned long long ago.. They want NWO and if the Paris attack scam was not enough they have a new one waiting. so its not if its just WHEN ?? keep up the good work Clinton i like your vids. and the Pug lol

  5. Cameron will have all his bra`s and Pantie`s packed ready to run to his rat hole with his peado mates

  6. I with you Clinton, They only want our war planes there to start making it the norm, then it'll be special advisors then troops to guard special advisors…all gearing up for a wider conflict centred in the middle east.How can any decent human being justify all of the NATO powers bombing the hell out of a single country – the terrorists appear to occupy government, ISIS are their employees (now they want to fire them I guess).Does anyone remember the girl from Vietnam (one of the most famous war images ever) running naked through the streets with horrific burns from Napalm – 40 years later she is still being treated with painful surgeries…that is the reality, for every victim like that thousands go unaccounted for…one day it is going to be our kids….these in power care less, they and theirs earn money of this war machine and then sail away to new shores, do not be fooled…Cameron wants to progress from his family earning their fortunes in slavery, he wants to go down another level.

  7. Amanda Burns says:

    It's a sad sad world we live in today ?

  8. I like your Mr Perfect mug :)

  9. You just lost me. I served three tours of duty in Iraq, and was present when 3 buried fuel tankers were uncovered at the foot of an ammunition bunker outside of Tikrit. Inside the tankers was enough Sarin gas to wipe out an entire country, yet morons continue to believe the lie that Saddam had no WsMD, and that we invaded Iraq to steal oil, or some other idiotic reason that involved Israel and Jews. I am sick and tired of people who continue spreading the idiotic claim that the attacks on 9/11 were carried out by anyone other than Muslims, it's a slap in the face to families of those who lost their lives. Are ALL terrorist attacks committed by Muslims false flag operations, or just the ones that can easily be blamed on Jews? It sickens me every time idiots spread the lie that the attacks were "a false flag operation to make Muslims look bad." I cannot believe people are so fucking thick that they so easily swallow that shit.

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