U.S. Navy’s Future Technology (Trillion Dollar Defence) #Mind Blow Full Documentary


Don’t miss our below channel videos DARPA TESTED Next FUTURE WEAPONS (Message to World) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RR_CyaXEIE WHY …


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  1. the robot voices are missing human signature mind-recognition, and each sentence is recognised only on its own, not as part of a paragraph. I wonder if this monotonous speech system is a systematic feature of mind conditioning (?)

  2. Harm Ebbers says:

    man you should use the decoys as shield…
    that would be a better improvement !!

  3. Mighty Mo says:

    US can keep dreaming, its on a decline and its our turn now but dont worry we are not bullies, invaders, murderers and rapists like you. :)

  4. Darrel Lee says:

    isn't defence spelled defense

  5. RSMA MILSIM says:

    Uss freedom and uss indépendance make like the armageddon shuttle :D

  6. Jolly Hansen says:

    Why not use an attack helo instead of some lame observation helo to track those incoming which could also help in taking them out?

  7. j lin says:

    one min what dont you see on these ships ? and what did thay put in it place lol i know do you

  8. Joe Hamilton says:

    Man will not be content until he has destroyed this planet completely with high technology.

  9. how much fuel does it use pulling that much speed?

  10. Sour DarmY says:

    failure at the cost of the tax payers

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  12. Fighting against who??? Idiots, the wars you make?

  13. ixcxe6969 says:

    Is there anyone in the military with enough intellect to see the truth? These ships serve little purpose, are tactically unnecessary, and cost way too much for what the military gets.

  14. ixcxe6969 says:

    Unless they plan to police against a sudden swell of America's own people trying to leave the country these ships ARE USELESS.

  15. ixcxe6969 says:

    Would be cheaper and more effective to build a drone attack carrier, same size, better armor, more firepower and versatility.

  16. Olebull93 says:

    I remeber back in the days when these ships where just plans on a drawing board. And they had a very sci-fi feel to them

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