UFC Fight Flashback: Woodley vs Thompson 1 [Full Episode]


At the historic UFC 205 event in New York City, welterweight champion Tyron Woodley defended his freshly-earned title against devastating kickboxer Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. UFC Fight Flashback is an enhanced replay of their memorable bout, featuring never-before-seen footage and exclusive new sound captured from all corners. Beginning with their arrivals at the famed Madison Square Garden all the way through the post-fight press conference, you’ll see the epic clash from all new-perspectives — including the chaos that ensued inside the Octagon when the shocking decision was read.


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  1. Eu sou muito bom mesmo ótimo ok!

  2. bigg dogg says:


  3. Steph Drain says:

    Rounds 1,3 and 4 go to Woodley rounds 2 and 5 go to Thompson

  4. The song please at 0:58 ? thanks !

  5. I hope Thompson kicks tyrons ass

  6. why does woodley look like he just got scolded

  7. Drew Wil says:

    Beast vs Ninja
    Great Fight!

  8. peter says:

    Wonderman via first round shitkilling.

  9. Felt so sorry for Woodley, I thought he got the better of Thompson and he looked so sad when the match got corrected. Hope he wins tonight!

  10. Bread Peed says:

    I'd love to have an older brother like Stephen…

  11. toure7 says:

    Anyone knows the name of the epic song at 15:10?

  12. Seriously is it even possible to Dislike Wonderboy?

  13. idk how people can say Woodley clearly won this fight, be lost three founds for sure. Wonderboy is one tough son of a bitch and is humble, and well spoken.

  14. Top Skills says:

    Joe Lauzon and Stephen Thompson the nicest guys in MMA

  15. The Phapper says:

    Round 4 always give me chills.

  16. I don't see where wonder boy won

  17. fuck ufc get goldberg back

  18. Jesse Steele says:

    uhh iz it me or did they skip the 3rd?

  19. TheGreek36 says:

    15:04 that's the ultimate fighter.

  20. Aaron Bryant says:

    Wow! That was an epic combination of priceless moments and pure emotions! ???✊??

  21. Woodley says hes the worst treated Champion…because he's black. No way… Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Mighty Mouse… skin color doesnt matter. Woodley is treated differently because hes a crybaby racist. Thinks he should be given everything because hes black… Tyron "The race victim" Woodley. I hope Wonderboy kicks his little black peanut head off his shoulders! #AndNew

  22. Tyron "The crybaby race victim" Woodley… I hope Wonderboy kicks his little black peanut head off his shoulders. Woodley's always saying that everybody else is racist, yet he's the only one talking about racism, which makes him – The only racist. Such an arogant crybaby.

  23. Tony Adams says:

    After seeing this fight at least ten times I still don't see it. I see it as 47 – 46 for Woodley. He won 2 rounds 10-8, the 1nd and the 4th and Thompson actually won 3 rounds 10-9, the 2nd, 3rd and 5th. IMO it should've been a win for Woodley.

  24. Enrique says:

    Wonderboy Thompson is allllll classssssssssss and a tough son of a bitch. Nobody survives those woodley shots the same way nobody survives Rumble's shots. Thompson a tough SOB. My respects to both fighters.

  25. Khabib "The Eagle" Nurmagomevod!!!!
    A newwwwww!!!!

  26. 21 minutes of footage here to show us how Woodley was robbed by the NYSAC

  27. LUL Xd says:

    I thought they would mute Goldberg. Lmao.

  28. Elijah Kenny says:

    Woodley won. Got owned in the 2nd and 5th.

  29. gabe228 says:

    Woodley's corner tells him to "find that Sith in you"… WOW.. that is so racist of the UFC to allow his corner to call him a Sith, which is evil in the Star Wars franchise, which means his corner must think all black people are evil or something, unbelievable…


    What's with all those times Thompson giving handshakes and helping Woodley up, does he think black people can't get up on their own?


  30. Bin ich der einzige Deutsche

  31. ijeleo92 says:

    Thompson is pretty as hell and so is Woodley. How do these MMA guys stay good looking when they're getting pounded in the face all the time. Like mma people should start selling moisturizer and facial care products.

  32. Bonnie says:

    Excellence from Both..
    and Brilliant Editing of the fight..loving this

  33. 1982fuckyou says:

    Brian Stann is a

  34. Liran A says:

    The fight was amazing but this video is even more !

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